So I teased earlier in the week that the Community Update would be going through a bit of a change now that Blog Herding is back and taken over by one of the best members of the community.  Granted this is just a feeler and there are a few issues (cookies to whoever takes the time to count how many times I say 'you know' or 'I'm not going to lie') but I'm trying something new, and figured rather than skipping a week and maybe polishing it I would show off the train wreck that it is.  This way when I actually get better at this I can improve and go back and just laugh at myself.

 I do apologize for my mic.  It's kind of old, and I can't find my (slightly) better mic, but hopefully it's not too bad.  Also as I stated in the beginning I am looking into getting a webcam so hopefully I'll be able to show off my mug when talking about these blogs.

By the way, I have created a Hub for the Community Update and Bump! so that everyone can keep up to date with the two series, so check that out and look for it as I go along.

Anyways that's quite enough of that.  I hope you all enjoy the new format



Blogs mentioned in this Update

A Small Announcement Regarding the Community Update: by BlackHeartedWolf - My announcement in regards to the change to the Community Update

My Complaint with DLC...: by Saint - Saint talks about his issues with DLC

Facebook and Video Games; the need to co-exist: by Owen - Show the new guy Owen some much deserved love and get involved in this discussion.  Owen, keep on blogging, I look forward to seeing you in the future.

Banning the 'R' Word From Game Informer Online: by indiejones - So sorry about this... apparently the link was just broken and I didn't realize it.  Anyways this is a great blog for a great cause so please read it.

Why I Love to Write: by Blaze6106 - Blaze puts to words exactly what I've been trying to say to the community.  This community is about passion for writing and this is the blog that every new person should read before blogging.

Trying to become a better blogger...: by DJX25968 - Admitting that you need help is not a bad thing.  DJ, thanks for asking for help, and new people take note.  If you ask for help the community will help you.

Other blogs not shown but mentioned

My Ending is Canon: by Anticitizen-One - Mentioned briefly this is the blog I was talking about by Anticitizen.  A great read that I'm not going to spoil by talking about too much.

How Game Informer Saved my Life: by indiejones - I know I already mentioned a blog by indie, but this is another awesome blog by him and something I think the entire community should read.  I love the way you are opening up indie, and I hope to see more from you like this in the future.

Community Pieces in the Update

Gameinformer Online Radio - Episode 23 & 24 - GIOR is back! So give them a big welcome back and show the new crew some love with some subscriptions.  Mray, very glad to see you come back and best of luck with the new crew.

Publishing a Book With YOU? Yep, That's the Idea... Want in? - Shawn Gordon is trying to publish a book with articles from the Past and Present of GIO blogging in it.  Please give this idea your support and get involved in it because I would love to see this and hold this book in my hand.

The GIO Writer's Guild - I know I'm doing it wrong by promoting an idea of mine again, but I really want this idea to grow and for people to start using these forums for really helping out their fellow writers of GIO.  So please join the group, get yourself on the list and let's really grow and help each other out.

So there you have it.  GIO Community Update in all of it's glory (/infamy).  I hope you all enjoy the new format, and if you don't then please let me know.  This was just a test so don't judge too harshly as I hope to do better the next time (without using 'you know' 800 times namely) but do give me feedback on what you liked/disliked about the video as it is very important to me.

And lastly as I said, happy blogging!