Well Blog Herding is back, in case you didn't hear, and it is being taken over by probably the one person that I would really trust to do such a thing, Saint.  Seriously glad that they chose the right person to take over, because as much as I love the GI editors I have always believed that it is best run by a person of the community.  With Saint running it I have no worries about the quality that will be present in Blog Herding.

But where does that leave me? Well, that's what this is about.

The Community Update is not going away, I promise.  It will still happen weekly.  However, instead of being just a straight list of blogs and small quips on said blogs I have a format change for it.

What is that change?  Well you'll just have to wait to find out.  Though I will say this.  There are two ideas on the table right now, and the one I am shooting for is going to show a side of me the internet has not seen before.

As sort of a secondary tease to this already teasing teaser I would like to announce that this week's update will be delayed till Monday.  I will be away this weekend and unfortunately I would not be doing justice to the update if I missed out on two full days of blogging.  So on Monday expect to see a new format for the Community Update.

So that is my quick little announcement.  I hope that it's not too short, but I wanted to get it out of the way ASAP because I know that even if it wasn't the most popular thing ever that there were people who did enjoy it.  For now though have fun and happy blogging. Enjoy your holiday weekend ^_^