Hello again everyone! And welcome to another episode of Ninja Warrior Wait... sorry, scratch that.  Welcome to another episode of Bump!  The monthly series that I run to show off some of the best blogs that you newer people, probably missed out on.

For those of you who didn't read the first one, or maybe missed that too, I would go check it out.  This series is to showcase blogs from a different time, back from when the community was far smaller than it is now.  After all it is important to know the past if you are to accurately see the future.

So then, let's bump some blogs.

In Defense of Girl Games: by Amanda -  All you need is the second sentence to know why you should read this. "They're the pink, jewel-encrusted, spatula-wielding, fashion-obsessed, wedding/prom/baby planning girl games."  boner Amanda, for this awesome blog.

A Cast of Characters that Suck: by Shawn Gordon - Always controversial, always opinionated, but always entertaining.  Shawn is the reason I started this, and as with most of his blogs, this is well thought out, well argued, and able to stir a hornet's nest like no other.  Piece of advice, take it for what it is if you read.

I Am Gaming And So Can You: by The Mildly Retarded Gamer - Not everything is about Link, Master Chief, and Kratos.  Sometimes people really do love other things.  And that my friends is just as good.

Why Do You Attend the GI Forums/Site?: by Vermanubis - A question that honestly needs to be asked today I think.  Especially considering how much our little community has grown.  Vemanubis goes into his experience and his entry into the GIO crowd for us to enjoy.

 Storytelling and Games: by Jack, the Quixotic Gamer - I know that Jack is still around and still kicking, but I figured that I would send some love his way as he has been doing this for a very long time.  Show him some love too by reading this, and some more of his blogs, they're seriously worth it.

Controversy in the Gaming Industry: by Enigma - The debate about violence in video games in the Supreme Court may be done, but you can bet that this topic is far from over.  Enigma gives you his take on this debate, so read on, this will probably come in handy later.

Why the Online Pass is a Good Thing For the Video Game Industry: by Demon Ragnarok - Demon is far and away one of my favorite bloggers on the site, and this is a perfect example of why.  No fluff, no stupid gimmicks.  Just pure, simple, good writing.

Death in the time of "Halo" — The life and times of the world's worst player: by Rob Ebert - No relation to Rodger (at least I don't think there is) Rob laments about his suckitude at Halo.  We've all been there, so please don't laugh at him.... unless he gets teamkilled by the laser.  Then laugh all you want.

Aaaaand done. I hope you take the time to read through and enjoy this look at the history of our community.  Especially at the history of those members who are still around.  Jack, Ragnarok, and Enigma are all greats by any person's definition, and you really will have a hard time finding a bad blog by them.  So enjoy and remember, with great power comes great responsibility.... or something like that.

Also I am still looking for an image for this series.  If interested please let me know in the comments so we can work something out!