So it has been quite the week here.  I live in Eastern PA for those of you that don't know and early in the week we had a crazy east coast earthquake, and now this hurricane?  WTF is going on!?!?!?! Seriously so much flooding, and the fact that I'm near a ton of streams/creeks doesn't help at all.  As such is the case though I was not home at all yesterday and therefore Bump! will be delayed till Tuesday night/afternoon.  I would try to post it tonight, but Deus Ex is calling me and doing these tends to burn me out, especially considering I haven't been home since around 10am yesterday.  Fortunately though, I am home tonight and I'm all set and ready to go, so this is the GIO Community Update.

Tips to Deal with Cyberbullies - The Parent's Guide to Video Games: by The Game Store Guy - First up is The Game Store Guy with what probably is one of the most important things that any parent should know.  Not just for parents though, I think it is an important blog for every gamer to read.

The Best Game Deals: by NoMercy85 - Are you on a budget this winter?  I think every gamer is considering the number of elite titles scheduled for release.  NoMercy85 does all the leg work for you showing you just where you can get the most bang for your buck.

An Unfortunate Dislike: by Magnus the Historian - Not everyone likes the same games, and sometimes we think they're crazy for it.  Fortunately for us, Magnus recalls a conversation where he felt this way, and tells us about some games that he didn't particularly care for.  A great community blog to interact on.

What can Revive G4 as a Gaming Channel?: by shooterboy23 - Much like another blog that was featured in the return of the Community Update shooterboy gives his thoughts on what G4 can do to actually get viewers again.  Personally I find the more cops on TV the better. /sarcasm

Choice, and how it's better without morality: by Cameron Koch -  It ain't that black and white, it has an area that's shaded gray.  Amazing that the original Deus Ex got it so right in 2000 and that games like Mass Effect still can't figure it out.  Not every choice is between kicking a puppy and feeding it a treat.  Game devs, listen up.

The Great Divide: by Spyro Conspiracy Theorist - There are two thoughts to game design, but anymore it is becoming obvious that neither side can live without the other.

Quite the interesting week with five new bloggers to the update.  I suggest you check them all out if you have the time.  It is great to see that though as it means our community is expanding.  Hopefully we see even more new people crop up next week.

Now then for the Community Happenings we have two big(ish) things happening.

Game Informer Online Achievements – An Introduction: by Saint - Arguably one of the best ideas that the community has ever come up with, and of course it is from none other than the one and only Saint.  I doubt that you haven't checked it out by now, but in case you've been under a rock I would suggest you do that now.

30/30 The Beginning of Something Epic (And with a Contest too): by Well... me -  I know I'm more less breaking my rule of not using this to promote myself and my own work, but considering that I am giving away a $20 gift card to the platform of the winner's choice with this contest I figured the more people that knew about it the better.  Please follow along, and be sure to read the updated rules to the contest to make sure you know what is happening and how to enter.

And thus ends another Community Update.  It was awesome to read all the blogs from this week and great to include so many new faces to the Update.  I look forward to seeing yours and other new names pop up again and again in this.  Also be sure to check out the happenings as I really would like to see Saint's idea happen, and would really like to see someone win my contest.

Also as always be sure to follow me on twitter @loupinconnu for all the latest on my blogs.  I'll post links to them every time one goes up, and with the 30/30 there will be a lot more activity from me than usual.

As always though, have fun and happy blogging.


PS. In case you missed it, Bump! will be going up this Tuesday.  This weekend was crazy and tomorrow I am helping a friend move, so it's going to have to wait.  Sorry for the inconvenience and I hope you all will read it when it does go live.