So with Annette Gonzalez having moved over to Harmonix a few weeks ago there has been a void.  Her (almost) weekly blog herding spotlighting the gems of the GIO blogging community has disappeared.  Granted since then Andy has been kind enough to spotlight the blogs from some of the more famous members of the community, but there is still an issue with this.

What about the little guy?

You see the thing about this community and the bloggers of it is that the best blogs are sometimes ones that are not written by the typical people.  And as such Blog Herding was their way of getting noticed.  Now with that gone it's more difficult than ever to be noticed.  Especially as the blogging section grows and the community gets more involved.

That is why I'm starting this.  Call it finding the diamonds in the rough, or whatever you would like.  Personally I'm calling it by what it was called before Blog Herding ever existed.  And that was Community Update.

 Now the rules for this are fairly simple.  As with my monthly Bump! I'm excluded from this.  I still would ask that people check out my blogs, but this spotlight is for the community, not me.  Secondly, if you are a featured blogger you will not be on here.  This is not negotiable, and sorry, but you guys have enough exposure. This is to highlight the blogs that people may overlook while scanning through the section.  Lastly, If you think I missed one, leave a comment on here and I may add it to the list.  I ask though that you don't campaign for your own blogs, but instead try to showcase others that I may have overlooked from the past week.

Now then, with no further ado, here is the return of the Community Update, and my first crack at it.

What G4 Could've Been: by Brad Tramel - G4, the gaming channel.  Or at least it used to be.  Now... well let's just say not so much.  Here though is what could have been for what was a great idea that was poorly executed.

A Quick Word on Online Behavior: by Jack, the Quixotic Gamer - Tools and games seem to go together like flies and honey.  Jack rants on this, but I think we can all relate.

Blaming Video Games for  Everything: by Anticitizen-One - One of my favorite blogs of the week, and easily one of the best written ones.  Anticitizen talks about gaming and the psychology behind the blame game that is played when violence breaks out in America.

In the Absence of Color: by Cru Hunter - Cru talks about how despite the fact that games are looking better than ever, that the enviroments have never been more dull and bland.  Is a break from this hyper-realism in order?

Getting some perspective on the games we play: by Warbuff - People complain way too much.  Warbuff says just enjoy the games and stop whining about all the superfluous things.

How the Industry will only benefit from the Casual Market: by Vurtax - Calm down people.  Casual games are not the end of gaming.  Not yet at least (just kidding).

Why I Think The "Original" Playstation 3 Wasn't a E3 "Failure": by Wayne Strickland - An interesting take on the original E3 PS3 announcement.  A great piece for discussion.

And that ends the first 7 blogs for the spotlight for the week of 8/8 to 8/14.  As I said if I missed any be sure to talk about them in the comments below.  And as a side note I am still looking for someone to make an image for the Bump! monthly blog.  If you're interested please contact me via the website so we can talk about it.

Also if a member of staff starts up with a weekly blog herding again then I may shut this down.  If however it's the same as it was before spotlighting the same 5 or so people and then one or two I'll probably keep this up.  After all I think that the quality of these 7 blogs is more than justification for someone to do this.  I hope that you read them and enjoy.

PS.  Matt, if you still read this I hope you don't mind.  I have tried to give you full credit for this idea, but if there is an issue please contact me.  I only hope I can do you justice with this weekly article