As I scrolled through the Dota 2 lore, the descriptions for each playable character, I found myself charmed by it. They were not extraordinarily long or incredibly in-depth life stories of each character... but they had simplicity and reminded me of an ancient tale or fable, much like Tolkien's stories.

Being a person that extremely enjoys Tolkien's poetry, the lightning struck. I would make poetry... out of the lore and characters: my tribute to the game. I would like to make clear that the summaries are just that: summaries, simplified versions of the lore written here for your convenience.

First and foremost, I would like to thank Darth-Carbonite for his instrumental role in this grand endeavour: Thanks.

Lion was once a kind and benevolent demon-witch, an rarity among his branch of magic. However, his power eventually corrupted him and he made a deal with the devil (More specifically, a demon.) When the demon betrayed him he followed it down into hell, killed it, and claimed its left hand as his own, evolving into a twisted form of his old self.


Once I fought for Truth and Light,

To bring peace and justice to the land.

Yet power I sought, and power I got,

The only price: my eternal soul.

No more did I heed the weak’s plight,

For power corrupts even the best men.

Soon the pact was broken,

Turning to my foes, it left my body for the crows.

Yet my rage was untamable:

I followed, even to the depths of Hell, then

Its limbs I scattered to the four winds,

Sinister now my own, I ascended to my old home.

I now rule the empty wasteland.

Outworld Destroyer is an alien who once was a solitary watcher on the edge of the stars. His mission was to watch for an evil that shall wake from beyond the solar system. However, he has descended from his post.


Imprinted deep within this mind of mine,

In darkest dreams and never forgotten memories,

Dwells a pattern resonant,

A prophecy of time.

This music sings to me of dark days,

An evil sleeping no more,

From beyond stars’ cold light and sun’s piercing beam,

It shall come like a terror of the never-ending night,

An everlasting cloud of darkness to raise.

You know not why I come,

The solitary watcher of this evil,

But come I shall, to the plains of war.


The Shadow Shaman was an young orphan halfling taken in by a wandering con-man. The wanderer soon discovered that unlike him the Shaman actually could perform magic. But the con-man had made too many enemies. It was only a matter of time before he was killed. The Shaman in turn killed the murderers, swearing that he would destroy all who sought to harm him.


Come one, come all!

The Shadow Shaman is here!

He peddles his wares: fruit giving desire’s call,

Fate’s own tale, Curses foul and terrible.

Do you wish to be a shade?

No? Then do not stare at his face.

For he is the Shadow Shaman,

And he has traveled even the dark space,

Here now, then gone without a trace,

Wandering on, peddling his wares.

Come one, come all!

The Shadow Shaman has come...