Hi guys. Bjdbuch here! I'm here to comment on this weeks biggest news. Let's start shall we!

Nintendo reveals 3DS

First of all 3DS is a pun because it's a 3D DS. Get it! HAHA! Wait it's not that good. This might turn out very good or very bad. I mean if this thing worked it would be really cool! 3D gaming without the dorky glasses. Great! The problem is, it might not work and existing games could not work well. We will have to see.

New Call of Duty Maps!

Well, I have a PS3 so I will have to wait. I might on buy them anyway. I mean, 15 bucks for 5 maps. Smells like a rip-of to me. Though the new maps look good, the old maps disappoint me.

Breach Announcement

Atomic Games announces a game were to get to play as a c.i.a operative. Great! Extreme destruction. Great! Black Ops missions. Great! XBLA only. BAD! I have a PS3 and that's bad for me. :(

New Ghost Reacon Trailer!

This trailer is really good. Live-action! This game looks like it could be the next Modern Warfare. We will have to see

That is it for this week