Rumors started circulating recently about Bandai Namco Singapore being the studio behind the announced Metroid Prime 4. This was due to a LinkedIn profile confirming that the studio was working on an 'unannounced IP' that is a 'First Person Shooter/Adventure game,' exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

Eurogamer has now released a follow-up article, with multiple inside sources confirming the rumors to be accurate. This news isn't too surprising, considering Bandai Namco has had a strong relationship with Nintendo, having developed Super Smash Bros. 3DS and Wii U, as well as Pokken Tournament.

To provide some context as to why Bandai Namco Singapore may be the perfect fit for this game, they house many former LucasArts Singapore developers that were working on the canceled Star Wars 1313. Development on the game is still early and it is unlikely it will be releasing anytime soon.

In other news, Nintendo has finally revealed the contents of Xenoblade Chronicles 2's New Game + mode, called the "Advanced New Game Mode."

In a standard (non-new game plus) mode, several new features are being added, such as being able to skip the blade awakening cutscene, being able to lock awakened blades so you don't accidentally release them, more sorting options for blades and equipment, the mini-map will have icons from the Skip Travel menu, as well as the addition of an easy difficulty setting.

For the content that does carry over to new game plus, players will be able to keep their awakened blades, any gold and items acquired, blade and drive equipment and growth, driver levels, mercenaries level, town development levels, unique monster kills, and event theater.

Content that does not carry over to new game plus is your mercenary missions, heart-to-heart segments, quests, and Skip Travel waypoints.


There are also new Blades that you can acquire, which you should already be familiar with some from the story. These blades include  Sever, Perdido, Patroka, Obrona, Mikhail, Cressidus, and Akhos. These blades can appear in any core crystals, including common ones.

All blades can also be dispatched for mercenary missions, including Pyra and Mythra. You can now lower a driver's level at an inn to earn bonus experience that can be traded for special items at a troubadour. There will also be a reverse affinity chart, and a notable blade's level 4 special will now be unlocked.


The New Game + mode for Xenoblade Chronicles 2, coming in update 1.3.0, is scheduled to release sometime next week.

What are your thoughts on Bandai Namco Singapore developing Metroid Prime 4 and not Retro Studios? Are you excited to dive back into Xenoblade Chronicles 2 with all of the new content? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!