Gamestop is in trouble! If the corporate executives want to know what's in store for the future of the company, they need look no further than Toys R Us. That's the future in a nutshell- liquidation. Gamestop's stock is in free fall. The rise of digital gaming and the decline in foot traffic is killing the business. To counter this trend, the company has made attempts to expand into other areas, such as cellphones and action figures as a way of diversifying, in an attempt to avoid the inevitable; but make no mistake, the rise of 100% digital gaming is on the horizon. 

Gamestop is right to diversify and that's exactly why they should take a closer look at Toys R Us. Toys R Us could be Gamestop's salvation. In saving Toys R Us, Gamestop could save itself. But Gamestop will need to act quickly. Billionaire and MGA Entertainment CEO, Isaac Larian, just put in a bid to by Toys R Us for $890 million dollars. This acquisition would give him roughly 300 Toys R Us stores located throughout the US and Canada. With Gamestop bringing in 9.2 Billion in revenue for 2017, the company could easily out bid Larian's offer to buy Toys R Us. And in doing so, Gamestop will have acquired 300 big box stores ready to go. 

The acquisition of Toys R Us would give the company ample space to diversify and enter non-traditional gaming markets, while still maintaining a strong gaming image. Gamestop could apply their gaming business model to other areas, such as board games and child learning devices. They would have the store space to expand into non-conventional areas, such as comic books. Gamestop could be the one shop stop for geeks around the country. If Gamestop wants to save the future, they should start by saving the past.