Almost every gamer has a few friends they like to game with regularly.  Some prefer to join random match-ups through sever lobbies and make a few friends along the way.  Others attempt to organize gamers they see a bit more often through 3rd party sites such as FaceBook by using beacons with they're favorite titles.  While others pay reasonable membership fees to have all their "GamerCard" activity logged to compare everything from their App, Music, TV, Movie and Gaming time with other members.  I'm a huge Hulu+ and AnimeHere fan myself.  I also like to scrobble my "Spotify" activity to "LastFM".  So when I game I don't generally ask people who aren't already online if they'd like to join me for game of "BatteField" or "MidNight Club".  If I've got friends online, most of them are already playing a new title for achievements or watching "Hulu+" or "NetFlix".  So I've paid membership fees for the last couple of years to keep up with one of my favorite clans.  Which makes organizing over 6 dozen members all playing on different schedules sometimes for less than 2 hours a day on 1st, 2nd and 3rd shift a lot simpler than you'd think.  


However, there isn't any real consistency to a few titles because everyone has that half dozen that they love and will be on "XBOX Live", "PSN" or "Steam" recommending to other gamers years after they've earned every achievement!!!  So playing a new title with veterans and noobs alike can make it difficult to line-up consistent sever time with a new group of gamers.  Or your current friends for that matter.  Not to mention a lot of clans and guilds will form their own codes to play by.  Which I personally like to see.  Simple things like, "Co-Op Only.", "No more than 4 clan members may join the same match.", "Support the rest of your team where you can, including the match making randoms.", "Swearing is acceptable as long as it's not directed at other gamers." and a few other great codes make organizing and playing with a clan a very rewarding experience.  As well as one that other gamers will not and may even consider when forming their own clans or trying out for auditions.


Well, just a few weeks ago I joined a 100% free service called "Raptr".  It does a lot more than you'd expect, but what will surprise you is how well it integrates everything into a single site!!!  It tracks all your gaming and all your friends gaming as well.  It also has a Desktop App that is quite impressive.  It lets you integrate chat functions from "FaceBook", "Google+", "XBOX Live", "PSN" and "Steam" into a single App that tracks live activity on every network you add through a desktop tool bar or transparent pop-ups that show friend activity if the toolbar is minimized.  Which is impressive on it's own, but it's the customization and the "GUI" that will impress most gamers.  I should also mention that they offer "Rewards" to their members based on the games they play and where they rank on "Raptr".  I've become a huge "AirMech" and "Vindictus" fans just after looking through the rewards and finding out they're both free to play over "Steam"!!!  I've always considered my self to be a gamer, but in all that time I've only organised through paying memberships and 3rd party networks….  So after discovering and joining "Raptr" I've got to say I'm very impressed!!!  I should also mention that just like "FaceBook" only members can log-in and access the site.  Though much like "FaceBook" when membership is 100% free that only encourages you to enjoy the perks of and spread the word on the Desktop App.  So after spending a few weeks with "" I can honestly say I've really come to like the site and I actually prefer using the Raptr "GamerCard" over the regular "GamerCard" on my "GameInformer" page.  So if you love to game and just want to track your gaming or setup a match with other gamers.  "Raptr" is a great way to do both.  I think their slogan "Where your "GameScore" lives!!!" is actually fairly accurate!!!   ^_^



(I also included a screen capture I took with the "Raptr App" of my profile on "".)