Writing about yourself is pretty difficult. Everyone has an image of themselves, and mine is that I'm an awkward tall guy who plays weird video games. I've been playing games for as long as I remember, always playing something just slightly off from normal. If you wanna get what I mean google Planet Monsters and wonder why anyone would make something like that. Besides games I ride motorcycles, read comics and generally enjoy strange stuff wherever I can find it. I'm glad that my life has let me see some of the weirder parts of this world and I hope to be able to share it with you. Speaking of which, give Bright White Lightning a listen because I desperately want them to make more music (they're like if Depeche Mode found a GameBoy and made music with it).

As for some background I started off playing some strange games as a kid. My dad raised me on old shareware Apogee games, Halloween Harry, and occasionally Wolfenstein because my mom thought shooting was OK as long as it was killing Nazis. This was all before I got whisked into a world of Pokemon Red and Street Fighter. Video games have helped me through some hard times and meet new friends like the incredible Skullgirls scene in Socal (even though solo Peacock will never be a viable option). I would be an extremely different person without them and definitely more worse for wear. While I love video games with all my being, I can't wait to see how they'll improve in the years to come.

If I'm honest I've stumbled into my career as a game journalist. What started as an errant trip around E3 has turned into an adventure a younger me wouldn't have thought possible. I've met gaming legends like Suda51 and Rami Ismail and got to pick their brains to try to figure how they created their art. I've played and loved games I would've never known about before. All of this is pretty amazing for a dude who nearly bled to death four years ago. I'm extremely lucky and beyond humbled by being accepted to this internship. I hope to entertain you for the three months I'm here or I'll have to go with my plan B and become Javy's stunt double. I suppose if there's one thing you can get from this blog post, it would be to just go after whatever you're dreaming of. Failing at what you love is better than succeeding at what you hate. I mean we've all seen a game over screen and hit continue before, right?

Fighters and RPGs give me life, but in general any game that pushes boundaries is Bound to attract my attention! Ah ha, game puns. Really though while I'm here I plan on trying to point out those little things weekly if workload permits. I haven't decided on a title yet because I'm too busy replaying The World Ends With You. I wanna find and play as many games as possible, no matter how much my backlog snowballs into an uncontrollable avalanche of games stuck at 87%. I also fancy myself a game memorabilia collector, so I'll keep a look out for any awesome collectibles for you readers as well.

I'm hoping to learn as much as I can while I'm here, and I wanna thank you for reading if you got this far. You can follow me on Twitter or Instagram if you want to see me talk about weird video games or gush about Pokemon when it comes out.