When I did my post on what Borderlands needs to improve upon a couple weeks back, a lot of people commented on the fact that it needed a story. While I couldn't have agreed more, I felt the lack of a story was acceptable in light of the fantastic co-op and the bazillion guns Gearbox gave us. But, after a lot of thought and reading through the Borderlands forums, I thought I could help Gearbox by giving my version of the different characters, as well as Pandora itself, in hope that they either use my versions (which I highly doubt), or at least figure out that story is indeed important in a video game. All legit information is taken from the Borderlands Wiki, which might contain errors. (Please remember that most of this is speculation taken from in-game logs and whatnot. My ideas on how the backstories could work are just a fabrication of my mind. Among the forums I read many comments on the idea of GB making backstory DLC for each character. My ideas are on how the DLC could play out. Also, keep in mind I thought of the DLC ideas to cater to each character, not just the run and gun style of the base game, which is why they will most likely not sound at all like BL.) This post will detail Lilith. Here goes:


Lilith is only one of 6 known "Sirens", people who have exhibited so called "magical powers". The reason behind their naming is that all 6 of these people have only been women, garnering other names like "Witches". There is no real term given to these people. It is also believed that there is more than 6 Sirens in the universe; a total of 13 are also believed to exist. Lilith apparently arrives on Pandora to search for another Siren rumored to be on the planet, in hopes that she can learn more about herself.

It is presumed that Commandant Steele, the leader of the Crimson Lance, is the Siren Lilith is looking for (a theory further pushed by the tattoos on her body that resemble the ones Lilith have, a possible symbol of the Sirens).