Dead Space is scary. That much is obvious. It is a great game that must be played by any horror fan, and not just video game horror fans. The disturbing enemy designs, brilliant sound and lighting effects, and general atmosphere created by the talented folks at EA Redwood (now Visceral Games) could teach a horror film director a thing or two. Even though the game was great from start to finish, I had some problems with it. I just finished playing, beating, and Plat'ing Dead Space, and had some thoughts on what Visceral could improve on when they finally release Dead Space 2 (hopefully) in 2010.


Kinesis is like the Force Grab you see in the Star Wars movies. The problem? It's exactly like the Force in the movies: slow and pretty useless. In the middle of a firefight in Dead Space, I would just go around boot-stomping the crap out of everything when I ran out of ammo instead of grabbing a saw off the floor, because the Kinesis takes way too long to grab something. I'm actually glad to see Visceral improving this, and Game Informer describing the new Kinesis something along the lines of Bioshock's TK is only making me happier to know that this slow power is finally speeding up.

Change Things Up

This really annoyed me when I was playing for the Platinum Trophy. I got every trophy (except for the trophy requiring you to beat the game on the hardest difficulty) on Easy. While from a Trophy Hunter's perspective this is great, from a gamer's perspective this sucks. I knew where and when every enemy would come from when playing through Impossible, and while I did run out of ammo every now and then, this made Impossible feel more like Medium. I wanted to be scared every time I played DS, but having the exact layout every time I played made the original Aliens vibe fall apart every step I took. Some ideas: either have A) random encounters on every playthrough, or B) change up the scripted events for each difficulty. I would much rather have no multiplayer and be scared in different ways while trying to get my Plat than have a multiplayer segment and an easy to memorize single player. 

Make Other Weapons Useful

I know this has been said plenty of times, but I thought it needed one more reminding. In DS, the Plasma Cutter, even though it is the standard weapon, truly is the best gun to have while fighting through the USG Ishimura. I had no problem obtaining the "Beat the game using only the Plasma Cutter" Trophy. In fact, it might've been one of the easiest trophies to obtain. I used the other weapons, but only when I knew it would be better to use them instead. Overall, I stuck with my Cutter. Some of the weapons were good, like the Line Cutter, but most of them were pretty boring. One did stick out though, but was quickly pulled back in: the Ripper. It acts like a yo-yo, it shoots out and spins in place (in which you can then control it by turning), and then disappears. The Ripper was a cool weapon. The only problem was the range. It didn't go far, and figuring out the range was difficult as well. I would shoot it, only to see it hovering behind the Necromorph clawing at my face. A good idea gone to waste. DS needs more interesting guns that actually function well in battle. I've seen the Harpoon Gun (which works like the one in F.E.A.R.2), but Visceral needs to add more variety to their armament. But other than that, they need to add useful weapons.