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40 Things I Learned in 2009

Yeah...the title pretty much sums it up. These are 40 things I learned in the year of 2009. Beware, you might not understand some of them.

  • Resident Evil still has suckish controls
  • Nintendo fans who want Mature games won't buy said games
  • Metal is awesome
  • Nu Metal sucks
  • Dream Theater is better than [insert your name here]'s favorite band(s)
  • Dead Space is a lot less terrifying on Easy
  • Tim Schafer should write a movie
  • Infinity Ward is comprised of robots
  • Pixar is still awesome
  • Zombies will never move faster than a slow walk
  • Chainsaws are not ideal in a zombie apocalypse
  • Certain songs are louder when played live
  • Mosh pits are comprised of 90% shirtless guys
  • Batman is now cool when regarding video games
  • A lot of people really like Okami banners
  • Cats are annoying when they are meowing in the middle of the night
  • Nobody is better than Freddie Mercury, not even Freddie Mercury
  • ClapTrap is a definite win for "Hero of the Year"
  • Corrosive Burst-Fire Rocket Launchers are normal on Pandora
  • No one remembers what happened in the first half of the year
  • My brother makes up the stupidest dog names
  • I do a lot of things with my brother
  • Bambino will inherit the Earth
  • Vampires are totally lame
  • Nachos don't have to be small
  • Triscuits are delicious
  • I like Dr.Pepper
  • Online gaming is fun
  • The MGS story actually makes sense in MGS4
  • MW2 feels exactly like WaW which felt like CoD4
  • Why go to a store when you have friends to "borrow" games off?
  • GlaDos is hilarious
  • The Gravity Gun is awesome at the end
  • Rocks hurt when thrown at your leg
  • Air guitar isn't as easy as it looks
  • Science is fun (if you watch Mythbusters)
  • Mike Rowe has the best/worst job ever
  • The worst thing you can say to someone is, "Your favorite movie is Biodome"
  • Animals can be jerks
  • I love the Power Glove. It's so bad.

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