Christmas. It is a day celebrating the birth of the big man's son. But over the years, it has become a day that's been commercialized in order to make businesses money. But enough about why Christmas sucks, let's get to the good part: the presents. My family has never been too big on Christmas. We have a limited amount of money, and while I would like to use that money for video games and video game related paraphernalia, the rest of my family decided to use it on useless stuff, like food and rent (which we'll just have to waste money on again). So it came as a little of a surprise to see myself with more stuff this past week, than I've gotten this entire year. If (for some reason) you want to know what I got before the special day, click here. The rest of this post is to detail what happened on the day after Christmas, which felt like a few days put together.

This image pretty much sums up how I feel about the cost of buying all the games I want next year.

I woke up (duh). On the previous day my brother thought about going to Gamestop to buy another game, but for some reason, it was closed. So we decided to go the next day. Today was that day (the 26th). We woke up, took showers, got dressed, and left. We took the bus (we really need a car. If only my brother didn't suck at driving, and if only I didn't play so much Burnout) to Gamestop. Actually, we were going to Best Buy, to see if my brother could find something for his computer, but we decided to stop by on the way since we would pass Gamestop anyways (there was actually a Gamestop next to the Best Buy in question, but I was impatient). When we got there, the place was packed. The entire "New Releases" shelf in the PS3 section was almost completely cleaned out. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it), we weren't looking for a new game. We had come to find a nice old game for cheap. I was looking longingly at FarCry 2 (again), but along the way, I saw something better: Dead Space for $20. I had wanted DS for a while, but I had hoped my other brother's friend would let us borrow it, so I didn't consider buying it. After about 4 months of waiting, I knew this would be my chance to finally play it, especially after reading about Dead Space 2 in the pages of Game Informer. We got in line to wait. And wait. I also messed with a dog some girl brought in (I asked, so don't get all angry). I also found Madworld, aka the game no one bought (and neither would I, no matter how much I wanted it). While purchasing our new horror game, my brother put down a pre-order on the Pandora's Box edition of God of War III. Overall, it was very reminiscent of my other trip.

After that, we proceeded to Best Buy (yes, I took the game with me). The trip to Gamestop took about 30 minutes, but I'm pretty sure 90% of that was spent waiting in line. The trip to BB took about half that. Once we got there, we began to search the music aisles looking for a certain DVD (Live at Budokan) like we always do. Then we looked for our favorite bands. There was very little. After that, I begged my brother for some new headphones (in black. My current ones, which I like, are purple, a totally non-metal color). He never bought them for me. He then looked for some thing for his computer, which I don't remember what it is called (nor did I particular care). He ended up finding it, asking for help (from Geek Squad, which took about half an hour), then deciding not to buy it. We then proceeded to the next door Gamestop to see if we could find more savings on the games of yesteryear. We didn't end up buying anything, but while we were in there, my brother ran into his old best friend whom he hadn't seen in about 5 years. What are the chances? They talked, exchanged phone numbers, and parted ways again. We then went to Carl's Jr. (which I haven't eaten for about 5 years). A quick note, the Carl's we went to had some of the best service I've ever seen. We left a generous tip. After our quick bite, we took the bus back home.