Hey, looky! Another top 10 list. Believe it or not, my list isn't filled with many big name hits (like MW2, which is on almost everybody's lists), but with more lesser known games that only the cool gamers (I don't think those two words can be used together) know about. You might notice some of these games share comparisons to my other lists. That is not a coincidence. Now, onward to my favorite games, and why they are where they are. Feel free to hate. In fact, I urge you to hate. 

10) God of War

Why? - Simply put, this game perfected everything. It had a fantastic story about revenge and redemption set in Greek mythology, the combat set a new bar that is still being overcome today, and the musical score defined the term "epic".

9) Team Fortress 2

Why? - This was my first online multiplayer game, and it opened my eyes to the insanely fun competitive multiplayer scene. While I don't play it as much as I used to, I still regard it as the first time I "pwned" someone. 

8) TimeSplitters: Future Perfect

Why? - This was the first time I remember actually laughing in a video game. Apart from all the other reasons why it's awesome (gunplay, multiplayer, cartoony graphics), the writing stood apart from games that took themselves too seriously. Watching a soldier helplessly call out for help before dying would be gruesome in any other game, but here, it is not only made hilarious, it is turned into one of the most memorable lines in a game that is filled with quote worthy lines.