Yesterday, me and my brother decided to go buy a game as an early Christmas present. We had no idea what we would be getting, and decided to just pick a game once we got there.

While we were walking around doing what I'm assuming everyone does at a video game store (look around, complain about games we want but can't afford, telling the other person that they like [insert bad game here], talk loudly), a lady came up to us. She apparently wanted our help because we, "look like real gamers". I think she heard us talking (loudly). She wanted to know what would be a better game to get for her friend, NHL 2K10, or LEGO Batman, for the Wii (her friend's name is Adam West. I know, it's hilarious). I asked her if he owned a next-gen system. She asked what a next-gen system was. I told her it was anything not called "Wii". She didn't know, so I instead recommended Arkham Asylum and NHL '10, just in case. Overall, it felt good to help someone else not buy a crappy game. Little did I know that it wouldn't be my last.

A while later, some other guy came up to us. He apparently wanted to see if SOCOM: Confrontation was a good purchase. I told him what I tell everyone who wants to buy a SOCOM game: it's really only for the people that have been playing since the first one (who also turn out to be the only people who buy later entries). He told me all the games he had (Killzone 2, all CoDs, Resistance 2) He then asked if I could recommend some other good shooters. I told him Assault on Dark Athena would be an excellent choice. I told him not to buy Unreal Tournament III, because the single player sucks, and he would be massacred online. I told him Borderlands is one of the best co-op games ever made. I told him Warhawk is definitely worth the price ($14). I told him HAWX is great, but he wanted ground combat. I then pointed back to Warhawk. I told him Rainbow Six Vegas 2 would be another excellent choice if he preferred tactics to big battles. I told him Prototype was a mixed bag for almost everyone who played it. I then told him Infamous would be a better choice if he wanted a comic book game. I also recommended Arkham Asylum. He then thanked us, and I'm pretty sure he took Assault On Dark Athena with him. 

Me and my brother then proceeded to choose our game. We decided to choose between Resistance 2 and FarCry 2. I wanted FarCry 2 because I wanted to try to obtain the Platinum trophy (supposedly the hardest platinum trophy in the entire world). I wanted Resistance 2 because of all the great things I heard about it's multiplayer and co-op (I'm still waiting for the GI crew to put up the review for R2). I basically had to sell the game to my brother (he has the money), detailing all the single player and multiplayer segments in R2, and explaining all the shortcomings in FC2's single player. Ultimately, we decided on R2. When we got in line, the guy we helped was still there, and he asked for more recommendations. He asked if The Incredible Hulk (movie one, not Radical one) was good, and I bluntly said no. I think I even said it was horrible. He made his purchase, which looked like Assault On Dark Athena. Me and my brother then purchased Resistance 2, and put down money for a pre-order on the uber edition of Bioshock 2. After that, we went home. According to the pain in my feet, and the darkness of the sky, we spent about 2 hours there. Then we made burgers. It was a good day.