I'm a gaming nerd. That much is certain. And as a video game nerd, I have the unfortunate obligation of preparing for the (inevitable) zombie apocalypse. And with this duty comes the responsibility of warning everyone else of this danger. Usually, I'll just be yelled at and chased off. Not anymore, now that I recently (2 days ago) acquired a copy of Max Brooks' excellent guide to surviving a zombie outbreak, so that I may shove it into the face of the fool who denies the existence of this terrifying menace. I was able to read it, and I must say that it is required by anyone wishing to stay alive. The guide details everything from how zombies work, to what are the best weapons, to the ideal defense position, and even to the best way to clear an area of zombies (Note: chainsaws do not work as well as people say they do). Brooks uses hard, statistical data and research done on the actual living dead as evidence for his suggestions, so you know they work. He even uses actual recorded attacks to back up his statements. As stated in my title, this is not an ad (though I guess you can view it that way), this is the key to your survival. 

Now, on to my "normie" point of view. The book is completely fake, so calm down, and put down your shotgun (which is also not a very reliable weapon). "The Zombie Survival Guide" is actually pretty funny, and it takes a few (deserving) stabs at American living. If you don't believe in zombies (aka, you don't play games), then you can still get a pretty good laugh at the detailed writings on the zombie anatomy, not to mention all the reasons why a trench spike is infinitely better than the chainsaw. As a gamer, I love how Brooks somehow appeals to the terror I've built up from playing Resident Evil, but anyone can get a kick out of this book, so go buy it already (also check out his other, just as famous, zombie book, World War Z). Remember: this is not an ad, this is the key to your survival. Just kidding.


Or am I?


(I am)