Since the GI crew made a lot of their own personal lists (including a Top 11, a bunch of "these should have been in the list", and a few time sucks), I decided to make a list of games that have meaning to me. These are games that, in one form or another, I will never forget. Oddly enough, some of these games involve my brother. Why? Because I learned almost everything from him. Plus, it's hilarious to watch him play a really hard game. Read on:

10) Final Fantasy VIII

This game has a great story, fantastic visuals, and one of the best intros ever. The first time I saw this game is when my brother played through it. He would never let me play a FF game on my own because he thought I would die, and he didn't like to see that. After playing FFXII years later, I think it was a good choice. Even with all those great things listed above, what I will remember forever (and to this day) are those *** Malboros. The demon-plant-like monsters were always a pain in the ass to fight in every FF game, but they were a special breed of unwanted fights in this installment. Every time my brother came across one in the plains, he would automatically run away. Bad Breath was truly the worst move to be on the receiving end of.

9) Halo 2

Me and my brother were playing split-screen co-op in the campaign on Legendary one day, and we just couldn't get past this nest of Brutes in one section. As soon as we past the previous fight we grabbed a Spectre (the Covenant version of the Warthog), and wondered how we would get past them. As we sat on a hill overlooking the nest, I decided to get out on a whim and look through Chief's visor-goggle-thing. Hilariously, my brother was on the turret, and he decided to shoot the Brutes using my zoomed-in screen. It worked, and we cleared the nest without getting within range of the Brutes. Since then, we have both called this moment of ingenious teamwork, "The Spotter Moment".

8) Final Fantasy X

One night (or, shall I say, many nights), I woke up to see light coming from underneath the door leading to my brother's room. A few weeks ago, he purchased FFX after so many years of hearing about it. This, along with the battle and victory themes, and the 200 hour mark attached to my brother's file, will be burned in my mind forever.

7) Team Fortress 2 (PS3)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we've all heard the jokes about the PS3 version of The Orange Box sucking, but it was my first purchase with my brand new PS3 in March of this year. It was also my first experience with online gaming. Nothing can compare with the nervousness I felt at the thought of playing against actual gamers. But I persevered, and went on to dominate all as the Soldier and Heavy.

6) TimeSplitters: Future Perfect

Sure, the game has near perfect FPS controls, has a hilarious single player (SP), and awesome multiplayer (MP), but the one thing that has cemented this game into my mind is the line sputtered by a nameless soldier in trouble. Nameless Soldier About To Be Killed -  "Need some help here guys. WHOA! Need a lot of help here!"

5) Ghosts & Goblins

For those who have played this game, I applaud thee. The fact that you even attempted to play this demonic game deserves applause. But the reason that this game remains in my head is when my brother "beat" it. He spent a good 2 months memorizing the enemy spawns, every platform to jump to, and what weapons were good, and which ones sucked. As soon as he beat that final boss...the look on his face was priceless. He jumped up and exclaimed in joy. And then he had to do it all over again. When that opening level theme came out of the speakers...I have never seen such a demoralized, crushed, and saddened face since then.

4) Sonic Adventure 2: Battle

Many people (myself included) give Sonic a bad rap, partly because of his crappy games. But this game has a special place in my heart (right next to my stomach) because I remain undefeated in the "City Escape" MP race as Shadow. No one has ever come close to beating me, and no one ever will.

3) The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Recollecting my gaming memory, this game usually comes to mind as the first game I've played (I'm a young gamer). As such, this is the game I remember the least. But I will remember the Water Temple. Who could forget the Water Temple? What is arguably called the most confusing dungeon in the Zelda series, everyone remembers their time in the Water Temple. The fight against Shadow Link, the fight against that Terminator 2-looking water thing, the fight against the puzzles. There sure were a lot of fights. 

2) Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

I wanted this game ever since it made its appearance on the cover of Game Informer. As my favorite franchise (of any medium), I eagerly awaited the day this game would come out. And when I did finally purchase it, it blew my mind so many times, I'm amazed my head was still on my shoulders. It tied together so many loose ends, I'm surprised there were so many. Even the controls, which was my major gripe with the originals, was changed to such a perfect layout. The part that stays with me though, is the gunshot at the end. I literally cried then and there. It was too much.

1) Bioshock

Simply put, this is my favorite game of all time. That is my reason. And the world shattering twist helps too. And the gunplay. And the narrative. And essentially everything else. You know what? I think this game is perfect. And why shouldn't I? It's my blog. Ken Levine (and everyone at 2K Boston/Irrational Games), you are the greatest people ever. Screw Shakespeare.