People have their favorite games that they love to tout at every person that doesn't run away from their maniacal hilarity. But there are some games that are just so great, every gamer must experience in their lifetime. It would be impossible to list all the must played games, but here they are:

Super Mario Bros. - NES

Not necessarily the first game ever, but it should be. The savior of the video game world, Mario single-handedly revived the video game industry after the famous Great Video Game Crash. The game was fantastic, awesome, and fun. It is mandatory for every gamer who wants to call themselves a gamer to play this. It is the originator. 

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - N64

Of course this game would show up, wouldn't it? What is usually called the greatest game of all time, OoT actually lives up to the hype. With combat that still holds up even after all these years, boss battles that defined epic, and the Big Goron Knife, this game must be played. Mario revitalized the gaming industry, Zelda did it again later (somehow). Mario created 3D, Zelda perfected it. Whatever Mario does, the Legend of Zelda series swoops in and grabs the trophy. Also, OoT is probably most well known for the infamous Water Temple.

Metal Gear Solid - PS1, Gamecube (Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes)

What can arguably be called the best PS1 game (right next to, you know, FFVII), it's the game that brought stealth to the masses (please aim that gun somewhere else Thief fans). The story of Solid Snake is a long one, but those who stayed with the soldier usually started here, and with good reason. The moments garnered from this title alone would fill a GI Top Ten, like shooting down the Hind D, finding the link between Solid and Liquid, and meeting an old friend. It's the Resident Evil of stealth games, except with a cohesive story.

Street Fighter II - Everything

The founder of fighting games, everyone has played SFII in some form or another. I don't even know how to accurately describe the awesomeness of SFII. I'll just let all the days spent fighting my brother (using Ken) speak for itself.