Factors supporting system works

    In this modern era we have been in the know by farian various technologies, and therefore I will take advantage of existing technologies are to be developed into a control system security, following assistive technologies that we have proclaimed,

    SMS (Short Message Service) Security cameras Kata Kata Mutiara Margahayuland era

SMS is a service provided by the mobile phone operator. SMS was first used on GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) now SMS technology is also applied to the CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access).

Entire GSM and CDMA operators now can make sending and receiving of SMS across different operator. With the cross-carrier SMS this whole Indonesian people can more easily communicate through SMS.


In the circuit security system, there are 7 pieces connector for receiving input from sensors, and 7 pieces of indicator light if there is an active sensors. In the system On / Off Her there are 2 buttons 1 button to turn off the alarm and turn on the alarm button 2.

In the communication system used two serial data lines that have been available from the TX and RX microcontroller.

And there is a siren will sound when the alarm is active.


In designing softaware security system is divided into 5 stages, each stage has a different function. The results of each stage serves as the input to the next stage. Five stages of design it as berikuti:

    System design On-Off Alarm

In the ON-OFF alarm system was in use two procedures whose names Procedure Procedure ON and OFF.

    Checking system design input

At this checking system used a procedure whose name pengecekan_input procedure.

    Siren system design

At this siren system used two procedures whose names sirene_on procedure and procedure sirene_off. Security cameras Kata Kata Mutiara

    Retrieval system design in HP's phone number. Margahayuland era

Decision procedure on a system telephone number is automatically

    SMS delivery system design