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The "Other" Kingdom is actually a list of characters that is not affiliated with any kingdom in particular.  A "miscellaneous" roster of characters, if you will.  Some characters, such as Diao Chan, Lu Bu, and Dong Zhuo, have connections with each other, but they are not loyal to any of the Three Kingdoms, or the Kingdom of Jin.  The characters range in timeline from the very beginning to late in the Era.  As of Dynasty Warriors 8, there are 8 playable characters in the "Other" Kingdom, 2 of which are the Fatal Sirens of the "Other" Kingdom.  As seen in the picture above (sorry for the small size!), from left to right, they are Diao Chan and Zhu Rong.  I will now discuss these two women, starting with Diao Chan, then finishing with Zhu Rong.





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Diao Chan


BackgroundDiao Chan is the first playable character for the "Other" Kingdom, and is one of two women that has been in the series since the very first game.  She is a demure, attractive beauty who was tasked with seducing and killing the tyrant Dong Zhuo.  As I said before, she was one of the two women that has been in the game since the very beginning and she has been in every game since.  In the first 5 games, she wielded a pair of chui, a pair of maces at the end of a medium length handle.  In 6, 7, and 8 she uses a chain whip.  Personality-wise, I'd say that Diao Chan is the "pretty, seductive girl" of the Dynasty Warriors girls.

Love Interest:  Diao Chan's love interest is Lu Bu, the mightiest warrior in the land.  He served many masters, the most notable being Dong Zhuo, and he was well known to have betrayed and killed his many masters.  Diao Chan is usually seen as Dong Zhuo's servant dancer, and Lu Bu was his top general.  When Diao Chan attempts to assassinate Dong Zhuo, she enlists the aid of Lu Bu, and in some games they either run away together or they kill Dong Zhuo and then run away together.  Later on when Cao Cao and Liu Bei join forces to defeat Lu Bu at Xia Pi, Diao Chan is seen fighting alongside him.  Personality-wise, Lu Bu is fierce, gruff, blood-thirsty, arrogant, and just down-right scary!  This guy is the #1 character you DO NOT want to meet on the battlefield, because he can, and will, kill you.  There is one thing about him that is a bit...interesting.  That one thing is Diao Chan.  When it comes to her, he is actually quite gentle and loving, which is actually really cute, because Lu Bu is the kind of guy that's like, "TO HECK WITH ALL YOU OTHER WEAKLINGS!!"  when it comes to everybody else, but not with Diao Chan.  He makes it very clear that Diao Chan is special.  In fact, if you ever defeat her before you defeat him, he'll fly off into an uncontrollable rage, and then he'll REALLY kill you!  So, it's always a good idea to defeat Lu Bu first...In any case, I find the pairing interesting, because there are times where I wonder if Diao Chan really cares about Lu Bu, or if she just thinks of him as a tool to use against Dong Zhuo.  I personally think that she thought of him as a weapon to use against her enemy in the beginning, but I think she truly does care about him later on.  So, really, I think it's a little bit of both, and I also think that Diao Chan is a very beautiful, yet intelligent, lady.

Lu Bu, Diao Chan's Love Interest

Looks and Personality:  Diao Chan is known more for her looks and story than anything else, I think.  She is considered one of the most beautiful women in Chinese history, in fact she is one of 4 beauties in Ancient China that were considered immaculately beautiful.  As far as this game goes, she is definitely beautiful.  She's always had a "frilly" look to her, especially in the first 5 games, but it wasn't until 6 that she got a "frilly, sexy" look to her.  In 6, I think the sexiness was a bit much, and it was toned down a little later, but I actually think that the look works for her.  It makes sense with her story, because she was sent to be Dong Zhuo's dancer so that she could get close to him and kill him, so she really needed a certain air of seduction in order to do that.  In the latest games that is definitely there, but her current outfit I think is unfortunately weak.  When I look at this outfit, it just looks...what's the word...messy, I guess.  It just looks like a mess.  It also doesn't really make a lot of sense to me.  It kinda looks like she gathered up all the prettiest rags she could find and then sewed them all together to make a messy, ill-fitting outfit.  Even the color itself isn't that great.  That light of a pink just doesn't work for her.  A more jewel-toned pink would be better for her, I think.  So, I can't help but look at this outfit, shake my head, and say, "Sorry Diao Chan, I've seen you look better, hun."

When it comes to her personality, she is actually a pretty nice, soft-spoken, gentle girl.  Many times you see her talking about how she doesn't like violence, but she does all of these violent things because she feels that she needs to do them, especially in the times she was living in.  So, she's more of a sweet, demure seductress, than a sultry, provocative seductress.  She's also got an intelligent, manipulative side to her.  In order to execute her adoptive father's plan to assassinate the pig, Dong Zhuo, she needed to be able to think on her feet.  So, she wasn't all looks, and I gotta respect her for that.

What I Want To See In The Future:  Diao Chan is a very established character in the series.  When it comes to her looks, I'd like to see something sweet, yet sexy for her to match her personality and her...occupation.  I'd also like to see something that is well put together, and not a hot mess like her current look.  When it comes to her personality, I think they have really gotten that one down pat, so more of the same would be great for her.




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Zhu Rong


Background:  Zhu Rong is the second playable character for the "Other" Kingdom.  She is the self-proclaimed daughter of the God of Fire, and the wife to the Nanman King Meng Huo.  She is a fiery, aggressive woman whose will is nearly unbreakable.  She is usually seen fighting alongside her husband when defending her homeland against the Shu forces.  They are sometimes seen fighting in other battles after they forge an alliance with Shu.  In Dynasty Warriors 3, 4, and 5, she wields a large boomerang.  She was one of the characters that was cut in 6, and in 7 she wields throwing daggers.  She now has her boomerang back in 8.  Personality-wise, I'd say that she is the "fiery, fierce girl" of the Dynasty Warriors girls.

Love Interest:  Zhu Rong's love in interest is Meng Huo, the King of the Nanman Tribe.  Zhu Rong is usually seen fighting alongside her husband during the defense of Nanzhong and afterwards when they form an alliance with Shu.  Personality-wise, Meng Huo is not as fierce as his wife but still passionate about protecting his tribe, which he considers his "family".  He's also very kind and earnest, and at times he is a bit silly.  I admit, he's good for a few laughs now and then.  He also is not overly intelligent.  He thinks he's smart, especially when he tried to outwit Zhuge Liang, but in reality, he's more brawn than brain.  This is especially interesting because he is pretty much everything that Zhu Rong is not.  Zhu Rong is EXTREMELY fierce and aggressive, and she is very smart and cunning as well.  Because of these traits, she is often seen as the one who is REALLY in charge, and that is often shown in very humorous ways because Meng Huo clearly is the one answering to Zhu Rong in the relationship.  Regardless of the fact that Zhu Rong is the one "wearing the pants" in the relationship, Meng Huo and Zhu Rong still love each other very much, Meng Huo taking a "worships the ground she walks on" approach, and Zhu Rong taking a "you're a big lug, but you're MY big lug" approach.  Overall, I think that they are a very cute, yet humorous, couple.  :)

Meng Huo, Zhu Rong's Husband

Looks and Personality:  Zhu Rong is a pretty awesome character.  She's definitely one of the most interesting, at least.  When it comes to the Dynasty Warriors girls, I don't think there is anyone that can really hold a candle (no pun intended) to Zhu Rong when it comes to fierceness and aggressiveness.  She is fierce and aggressive to the EXTREME.  This is a lady that will kick your butt, enjoy it, and if you give her any more crap, she'll kick your butt, and then enjoy it even more!  She also proves herself to not be a complete barbarian woman though, because she actually is quite cunning and intelligent as well. 

When it comes to her appearance, she always has this cool tribal look to her.  Unfortunately, that often means very little clothing, but I think that they really haven't stumbled too much when it comes to that.  Yeah, she's usually wearing risque outfits, but she's a BARBARIAN WOMAN, what do you expect?  As far as my favorites, I REALLY like 5's outfit.  It's very fierce and fits her very well.  It also showcases her war paint (or tattoos?) very well.  That's another thing with Zhu Rong.  They not only change her outfits, but her war paint and hair seems to change pretty often too.  This is just MY personal opinion, but I seem to gravitate towards her having straighter hair, rather than the wavy, messy looking hair.  I especially LOVE her current hair style and war paint.  It is very fierce, but yet oddly elegant too.  When it comes to her current OUTFIT, I'm a bit mixed.  I like the GENERAL look, but I can't help but feel that some parts of the outfit seemed to be just thrown together, specifically the top.  They made these awesome boots and other accessories, but the top just looks like a beige strap she just haphazardly threw on.  So, the outfit is ok, but it can look a bit better.

What I Want To See In The Future:  Zhu Rong is another one of those characters that is pretty established.  I like her personality, even if it is over the top, and as long as they don't make her be completely OBNOXIOUS, I think the fiery, fierce personality works for her.  Looks-wise, as long as it doesn't go into "erotica" territory, I'm fine with the scantily-clad, barbarian woman look.  So, don't make her obnoxious and don't give her less clothes than she already has.  That's all I ask.




What Kind Of Lady(ies) I Want To See In The Future:  It's actually pretty difficult to contemplate what kind of ladies I would want to see in the future for the "Other" Kingdom, because it's a roster of characters that don't have an affiliation with the Three Kingdoms and Jin.  Let's review anyway:  We have the "pretty, seductive girl" and we have the "fiery, fierce girl".  If I were to base this COMPLETELY off of offsetting with the current girls, I'd say that these two can't be more opposite.  On one hand, we have a gentle, demure, pretty girl and on the other we have an aggressive, fierce, strong-willed girl.  This is actually pretty difficult, lol...I guess since these girls are pretty much opposites, Koei could make something that falls in the middle, like say...a girl next door kind of character, like Guan Yinping.  Have someone who can be a fierce warrior, but has a gentleness to her as well.  That could work.  Another one that might work would be a funny, playful girl.  A light-hearted, fun girl might be good...So, either a playful girl, or a strong, yet gentle girl would work.




Conclusion:  In the "Other" Kingdom, there are two Fatal Sirens.  The beautiful, gentle dancer Diao Chan, and the fiery, aggressive Nanman Queen Zhu Rong.  These two beauties have proven that even though they may look pretty, that doesn't make them helpless, as many men have found out after being annihilated by their battle prowess.  They may have some issues with messy outfits and haphazardly put together looks, but these ladies have proven throughout the series that they are pretty solid editions to the Dynasty Warriors cast.  In the future, I'd like to see these veteran characters still going strong, and I hope we'll see some fun, gentle, yet strong new faces join this incredible roster of Fatal Sirens.



-Azure Moon




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