I'd be willing to bet right now that I'm one of the few people to have read today's biggest headline and reacted with absolute disgust. Some of the coolest features of the upcoming Xbox one are now dead. Thanks in large part to people for whom the 24 hour check in wasn't going to be an issue any way.

Microsoft has capitulated to people who are going to lose them money, end of story. People who aren't Live subscribers, people who purchase used games as a matter of course, rather than rewarding developers for the entertainment provided. And those of us who were excited about the features that came with leaving those freeloaders behind are now left out in the cold.

All I can think right now is that whenever the vile, vitriolic, reactionary internet gets it's way, things go downhill quickly. And Microsoft has made a huge mistake, because this is unlikely to buy them much in the way of goodwill from the "hardcore" anyway. for all intents and purposes, the Xbox One is now an Xbox 360 with prettier graphics. Tragic. Especially since the PS4 is just a PS3 with prettier graphics, and indie games I don't care about.

Here's hoping that those of you who extended a certain hand gesture to Microsoft over their now defunct online policies stick with your plan to go with the PS4. You won't be missed by the Xbox Live community in the least.