The reveals are done. After talking with many of my friends face to face, and online, it sounds as though many of them will be switching to PS4. That's too bad, because I really prefer the Xbox live set up. It's also unfortunate, because I think that while Sony certainly pandered to consumers by keeping used games alive, they jammed a knife in the back of the people who actually make games. If I were EA or Ubisoft, or Activision, I would go strictly digital at this point.

I always intended to buy a PS4 of course, but to me, it'll just be a toy. The Xbox One looked like a much more interesting piece of tech. I don't see how Microsoft can stick with their current plan and stay viable, but it would have been better for the industry if Sony had played ball.

Xbox 360 has been THE gaming machine for me. They also got the ball rolling with the premier online service (something Sony has recently excelled at as well), along with add ons like netflix and Amazon Instant Video. I'm sure Sony will have awesome games, though Microsoft had the better exclusives onstage today, in my opinion. But I just don't have the passion for the PS4 that I have for my Xbox.

Really unfortunate outcome today. I think gaming is worse off in the long run for it. I expect to see many more developers closing their doors over the next few years, while gaming takes fewer chances outside of silly little indie games that I have absolutely no interest in.

Hopefully things will look better as launch day approaches. Mourning the inevitable purchase of one particular game system over another is certainly a first world type problem, but I still think I'll be decked out in black for a while. In the end, I'll go where most of my friends play, even if it likely means I'll play less because I hate the idea of making use of an inferior infrastructure.