I've got one and am already planning two more near and long-term buys.

Well the big showdown between Sony and Microsoft has come and gone and we're all happily putting our new (or in some cases still old) systems through their paces.  The rivalry between the two software giants (and to a lesser degree Nintendo -more later) got gamers everywhere in a tizzy trying to decide which choice to make in regards to their next-gen gaming device.  I'm one of many who floated towards Sony in the summer and fall debates and haven't regretted the decision so far.  What some of you may not know is that I also have a moderately powerful gaming pc, a PS3, 2, 1, and Vita, and more old-school Nintendo handhelds than I'm comfortable admitting.

While my gaming choices for the last two generations seem obvious, I started researching (so far) holiday sales for various gaming devices and titles to see how effective each companies marketing has been.  A quick search through Amazons top-100 hottest sellers earlier netted me some interesting results regarding the 'console wars' we've all been watching and/or participating in for the last few years, lately in particular.  While Sony's initial salvos seemed to have Microsoft on the ropes they've pretty well righted ship as the One sits happily at number 60 on Amazon's charts.  The PS4 isn't far ahead at number 44 although it's worth mentioning that both are largely out of stock and numbers would be higher if supply met demand.  Oddly enough in my eyes, both the PS3 and three types of the 360 are in the top-60 sales-wise as well  along with both the WiiU, 5 versions of their handhelds, and the PSP (no Vita).  It seems Black Friday sales are enough to keep all of them alive for now but massive software releases and cross-generation development aren't hurting either.

The only thing I feel I'm missing out on.  So far.

Microsoft brought what has been considered the best launch title to the table in Dead Rising 3 and sales seem to be reflecting that.  While I've yet to play it myself it looks entertaining as hell and will definitely be a day-one buy when I pick the system up next spring.  The very idea that I would want a MS system after two 360's crapped out on me last generation and most of the 1rst party titles didn't appeal to my needs (shooters don't do it for me and the exclusive rpgs disappointed) would have been ludacris a few months ago but now I find myself not only wavering, but planning ahead.

I also find myself seriously considering the WiiU for the first time since it released.  While there are many out there who scoff at the idea of buying a system just for the 1rst party titles involved, that has almost always (since the Dreamcast days) been my go-to strategy with Nintendo systems.  With my PS4 in hand and the careful decision to wait on the One until Titanfall drops next year, I'm suddenly in the position of deciding if now is the time for my backup system to make an appearance on the entertainment center.

Beautiful!  It also plays well from what I've read.

Given that Nintendo has released some very well reviewed titles in the past few months maybe this isn't as out-there of a decision as I see it.  While discussing my thoughts on Twitter the other night more than a few others echoed the idea that the time may be right to change tunes about the WiiU.  With the massive advertising campaigns of the the big two and some excellent titles to play on my PS4 part of me is balking at the idea of putting money towards the system I ridiculed less than a year ago ahead of Microsoft's offering, but that's where I find myself these days.  I suspect more than a few owners of the One are in a similar boat.  

Where I'm waiting for Titanfall's release this spring, I suspect many One owners are eagerly watching March for Infamous: Second Son to solidify their thoughts on the PS4 before buying.  It's also likely that just as many are considering a WiiU (or one of their excellent handhelds) as an interim purchase while waiting for the months to go by.  Between Mario 3D World, the Wind Waker remake, Pikmin 3 and others, the WiiU is looking more and more appealing to a guy who really just wants more Mario, Link, and Samus to play.

Yeah, I know I said I'm not into shooters.  I bought it for it's looks.  Don't judge me!

So I find myself playing a gorgeous shooter, a differently gorgeous beat-em-up, a somewhat next-gen racer, and a pretty pirate game on my sweet new console all the while looking forward to a future where I own all three.  The console wars are unlikely to ever end as fanboyism (myself included sometimes) and irrational internet dweebs will never die.  That said, the marketing departments and fans of both Sony and Microsoft have effectively stoked the flames of desire for new gaming experiences to the point that both of them can say they've won (and the sales back them up) while somehow managing to throw an unintentional bone Nintendo's way as well.

Which I suspect is what they wanted all along.

Congratulations Sony and Microsoft.  You both will get my money.

And Nintendo as well.

Thanks for reading guys and gals!

Anyone else suddenly finding the WiiU appealing?

How about former haters looking to maybe grab all three like me?