Two of my most anticipated next-gen games are The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt by CDProject Red and Transistor by SuperGiant Games.  Aside from being action-focused rpgs that are releasing on the PS4 they have very little in common on paper.  Another easily overlooked commonality is that faithful Sony gamers haven't had the opportunity to play the highly regarded earlier titles by the two developers.  

I'm one of those faithful Sony gamers.  Not because I think they're intrinsically better than the competition but simply because I can't afford to be an adopter of all the systems available and the Sony exclusives appeal to me more than their counterparts on NES and MS systems.  After my second 360 red-ringed I decided to not give MS any more of my money (aside from their domination of the pc os market) and the appeal of two or three powerful series by Nintendo isn't enough to justify buying anything they have on the market for me.

All that said, I'd really like to play the first two Witcher titles along with Bastion which is the spiritual prior release to Transistor.

While not without their flaws from what I've heard, the first two Witcher titles look amazing.

I can't imagine that playing the first two Witcher games are required to enjoy The Wild Hunt, but at the same time I'd really like to dig into the lore of the world they've created before diving into the third in the series sometime (hopefully) next year.  It's doubtful I'm the only Sony gamer that feels this way and I'd like to urge them to work with CDProject Red to get the first two titles released as a compilation title on the PS4 prior to The Wild Hunt's release.  They've got a proven track record of making quite a bit of money re-releasing older titles on the PS3 and I know that I'd be one of many to pick it up if it did see the light of day.

Bastion by SuperGiant Games is another game that many Sony gamers haven't gotten a chance to play even though their next title Transistor will be releasing on the PS4.  Everything I've heard about the title, from the art style to the narrative hook looks to be right up my alley and I'll be playing Transistor the moment it releases despite the fact that I've never gotten the chance to play their first, highly regarded release.  Again, like the Witcher series, Sony could make waves by dropping Bastion as a downloadable title prior to Transistors release or even including it on some sort of collectors edition when it does come out.

It just looks beautiful and even though they aren't directly related I'd love to get a chance to try it out before I dive head-first into the awesomeness that Transistor appears to be offering.

Long story short, I'd really like to see more fans of the two companies rise up and ask (not demand, we're not children) them to let us non-pc or 360 gamers get a chance to try out these three gems we've not been able to play so far.  If you're like me and a predominantly PS gamer, I'd urge you to link this post to any Sony, CDProject Red, or SuperGiant Games forums (although I've already directly sent it to each of the three companies) to try and encourage them to let this overlooked population of gamers try out their previous work.  Whether you like it on Facebook, tweet it to your followers, or directly link it to the companies in question, we've got a chance here to get some epic gaming in on our new PS4's and the more people who speak with the same voice, the better the chances are that something may come of this request.

After all, we did (eventually) get the Mass Effect series so who says it can't happen again?

Thanks for reading ladies and gents and I hope the tail-end of your weekend is full of happy gaming and good cheer!