There are a lot of games in the pipeline that I'm interested in checking out.  In the coming months I've got the new South Park game, GTA5, Beyond: Two Souls, the new Disgaea game, and a whole slew of next-generation titles to look forward to.  Rather than talk, talk, talk, which is usually my routine when blogging, I'd like to show off a series of reasons why Watch Dogs is my current most wanted title.

Connecting, whether it be in game or with a companion app, seems to be the dominant theme.

I can't even begin to describe everything going on in this shot!  Seriously, parkour style car sliding, sweet, sweet gunplay, and particle effects galore make for a pretty exciting moment they've captured here.

Another parkour moment.  This time onto a moving train to (presumably) escape from some pursuers.  The draw distance and depth of field are particularly notable in this shot.

A little bit of people watching to break up the routine of shooting, running, and hacking.  Oh wait, it looks like the hacking might be omnipresent in this title.  Still, people watching can be a break from the running and shooting at least!  The details evident in the leaves, lighting, and shadows are impressive!

More fun with cars!  Looks like hacking into the traffic lights may cause a bit of a traffic tangle!  I'm eager to rack up collateral damage making cops slam into civilian traffic...  Note the background detail with the buildings and skyline.

When you're not shooting or hacking it appears that a bit of melee may be in order!  The crowd reaction here shows an early peek at what the AI may be capable of in the finished product.  The depth of field is particularly well done in this shot.

Using your phone to set off environmental obstacles for the enemy is almost too cool!  I can see at least five light sources in this shot which makes the effects and shadows all the more impressive.

A slightly grittier look at the combat and character shows the darker nature the game will take as you track down those who wronged you and exact vengeance upon them!  Notice the crowd fleeing and the little details like the tricycle and overturned garbage cans.

Seven pictures is hardly enough to cover all of the awesomeness that Watch Dogs seems to be bringing to the table but they're going to be enough for now.  Just by looking at the screenshots above it's obvious Ubisoft has something special here and I for one can't wait to try it out!  Between what looks like an evolution of city traversal to the slickly implemented hacking elements, Watch Dogs may end up revolutionizing open world games and in a year with a GTA release that's saying quite a bit!  While GTA5 is my current 'most anticipated', Watch Dogs is the clear front-runner for reasons to upgrade to next gen.

Anyone else skipping the current gen version to revel in all the particle effects and lighting flourishes next-gen will bring?

What about the companion app?  It looks kind of cool to me but I'm unsure how practical it will be in actual use.

Thanks for reading (or looking this time i suppose)!