I've been a pretty big proponant of next generation gaming lately and finishing Bioshock Infinite yesterday sort of cemented the idea that I'm ready for it to arrive. Having recently finished both God of War Ascension and Tomb Raider made me realize The Last of Us and GTA5 were the only current generation titles I was interested in playing.  It's a relative given that I'll be on-board with the next Playstation system and will be giving the WiiU a shot if or when Nintendo gets around to making games I'm interested in.  The new Xbox will have to wow me with some major features or exclusives but that's neither here nor there.  What worries me most about the next generation of consoles (and pcs but I'll get there) is that I may not be able to find the time to play.

When was the last time I updated this thing?

A few nights back I decided to pop in Uncharted 3 for the first time in several months.  I had vague notions of trying to get some of the group here to play and wanted to re-aquaint myself with the controls and what-have-you.  Having not played in some time there was an update that I had to deal with.  Then 6 more in less than rapid order.  All told I waited fortey minutes to update a game I hadn't played in forever it seems onl to have not actually played it as of this accounting.

Oh good!  A system update AND an multi-part day-one patch? Fantastic!  I can catch up on my blogging!

About an hour ago I decided that I would play some Civilization on my laptop for a while (went with 4 this time around as it's still my favorite of the series) and of course, Steam had to update first.  Then extract the package.  Then install the update.  Then initialize. Then I decided to write this so I'm uncertain what point it's at in it's process.  

Ok, it's done so I guess I'll try and make a coherent point soon.

It's not so much that I'm concerned about how much games update as it is how much waiting for the updates eats out of time that could be spent gaming.  In the combined time spent waiting for PSN to update and Steam to update I could've immediately popped my PS2 copy of FF12 into the system and leveled my characters two or three times.  With the always-on rumors and the very nature of systems that track your purchases and allow for video streaming and live chat in-game is that there are going to be massive amounts of regular updates.  There are just too many working web-related parts to gaming anymore to avoid them.  And I'm one of the guys with a pretty speedy connection who doesn't really have to wait in the greater scheme of things.  Those of you with slow, or worse, no internet access will be further disconnected from time spent gaming.  Slow internet will drag even more time out of your gaming life and having none would disable many of the features on display so far.  


The one time I decided I really needed to download something.  Figures...

My last little fear is the dreaded 'service is down' message when trying to play one of our favorite games that most of us have seen at least once or twice.  With all the focus on co-op and the myriad social options available now or down the line it's almost inevitable that at some point any one of these moving parts could go down, affecting the experience.  Imaging trying out Sony's new 'let a friend take over' feature this fall and the network drops out.  How much information will  be lost?  More importantly to me is how often I'll have to sit through an update screen before being able to access the features in the first place...

Maybe they'll figure it all out and this won't matter a bit!

What this-gen games are you all still excited about?

Has anyone else killed a rediculous amount of time waiting for an update only to not play at all?

Thanks for reading fellas and gals!