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I'm going to go ahead and be blasphemously honest here guys.  The first thought that went through my mind when hearing about Disney's acquisition of LucasArts was something along the lines of "F*** episode seven!  Vader can be in Kingdom Hearts 3!"  While I'm certainly excited about another film being made in the franchise, especially a 'reboot' or reinvention of the series, it's their alliance with SquareEnix and Final Fantasy that has me the most worked up.

Not sure who drew it but it's awfully good work!

Now I don't want some sort of drastic change to the Kingdom Hearts formula.  Excepting of course, a story that makes some sort of sense to those of us who haven't played any of the handheld variations of the game.  It would be a pretty huge get for Square if they could include Tatooine, Endor, Hoth, or the death star as locations for Sora and pals to travel to and clear of endless waves of heartless (and stormtroopers maybe?)

 And why not use as many of the new assets available as possible when making this much anticipated sequel?  The sprawling Disney/Square universe they've been using to explain all the space travel and different locations fits right in to the Lucas view of the cosmos.  A different oxygen sustaining planet on every star!  (Applebees coming soon!) 

I mean honestly, who wouldn't want to watch these guy's rediculous antics as they mow through a batch of....

These guys! With a host of heartless and nobodies and derba derpa's in tow!

Star Wars, Disney, and SquareEnix just have too many stellar heroes and villains for this to not happen now that Lucas and Disney are under the same roof.  Imagine getting Chewbacca as your guest member for the Kashyyyk (sp?) world or Han walking you through the rougher sections of the Mos Eisley spaceport.  Who wouldn't want Luke to show you the sights of Hoth while helping you finish off some heartless and a wampa beast or two?  The biggest get for me would be the inclusion of summon-able rancors, space slugs (lets spice up the flight sections a bit... Remember X-Wing and Tie Fighter?) or the dreaded army of ewoks! 

Give this man a lightsaber and I'd lay odds on him versus any Sith lord!

The characters from these three powerhouses are practically begging to be brought together.  My love of Square's creations in Auron, Yuna, Squall, Fran, Balthier, Rydia, and more plus my fanaticism for all things Star Wars has me squirming like a little kid eager to open his birthday presents! Just don't let me down team!

I couldn't help it!  <shakes head> Cosplayers... No offense Theora!

Anyone else excited for the possibilities?

More optimistic than scared for the future of our favorite franchise?

I for one am staying positive on this one!

Thanks for reading GIO!  We'll talk soon...