Like many of you, It's been too hot for me to do much besides work and sit in front of the TV lately.  As has become a yearly tradition of mine, favorites that I haven't played in a while are dusted off and ready to be completed again. 

The last disk I purchased and beat was Max Payne 3, (which I enjoyed quite a bit) and since then I've been messing around with some PSN titles and, in general, not really gaming much at all.  This all changed two weeks ago when I found Heavy Rain in the discount bin at Walmart for $15.  I had played it before, but had traded it in for something newer and shinier a while ago. 

(For those of you who haven't played, figure it out yourselves!)

Now Heavy Rain's a favorite of mine.  The layers of tension as well as the actual consequences to your actions made it an absolute gem.  I've been scared in games before, but never before had one actually made me nervous to find out what was going to happen next.  Luckily the re-play's just as good.  I just got past the precinct scene where you're meeting with the police with your estranged wife and I'm just continually impressed by what the game offers.  I didn't know until yesterday that you could talk the robber into leaving without a fight as Shelby!  You learn something new every day I suppose...

While Heavy Rain's amazing and all, those who know me would expect something else to be sharing the rotation.  That game for now is the original Uncharted.  Again the subject of a questionable trade, I got this one off PSN for $15 the other day.

(Claustrophobic gaming at its best! Did I just create a genre?)

(I'll get to this one next!  Best level design ever in my opinion!)

(Now THAT'S one hell of a set-piece!)

Uncharted was one of the relatively early titles you could use to show off to your 360 owning friends. (They generally scoffed anyway, but I liked to think they were secretly impressed and jealous!)  From the sound and score to the great portrayals of 'real people', Uncharted still holds up today.  I've played the entire series, and plan on it in a row in the coming weeks, but have to say I'm really enjoying the first right now.  I just got past the jet ski sequence and couldn't help but laugh when I realized you couldn't accelerate and shoot at the same time even though you were 'controlling' two characters!  Uncharted had itself a bit of a Resident Evil moment and I cracked up a little to myself.

This is just my list so far.  The uncharted trilogy could be done in as few as five or six days if I really get into it, but will probably take a few weeks as Heavy Rain calls from time to time.  Some of you may be thinking "What about new games?  Surely he's bought or downloaded something right?"

The answer is yes, and a wonderful (so far) download it has been.  I've praised it enough on my bio and in another blog already, but Rainbow Moon is astounding!

(Now that's a power attack! I'm not even sure what's happening but it's sweet!)

It's about as literally the child of Final Fantasy Tactics and Disgaea as it could be.  New srpg awesomeness and some killer re-plays for the summer?  Hell yeah!  Considering what to do with the action and adventure voids when the first four get finished and I'm still level 35 in Rainbow Moon (the trophies go up to 500). 

Any great gems from the past few years I may have overlooked or not played in a bit?  I'm open to suggestions and thanks for reading but I'm off to collect honeycomb for some chick in Rainbow Moon!