Many   games  feature  women  characters  weather  playing   co-op  such a s  in   the  Left  for dead   series,  or  in   Halo  by your character  simply  sounding   like   a  women,  my  point  is   a  significant  amount  of   games   feature   women  characters.   Some   allow  you   to   be  the main   character the Lara  croft   series,  or  the  Fable  series.  A lot  of  guy gamers  out there always  seem   to make   a  big  deal  about  playing  the   chick  in  a   videogame.  I  don't  mind playing  as them   because 9   out  of  10   times they   play   exactly   the same  and   do  not  affect  the   gameplay ,  such  as  in   WoW.  All most  all  guys  who  play  videogames  out  there  would  prefer  not   to   play   as  a  girl unless  its  in a   fighting game   were   the women  are  pretty  much  wearing  a  few strings.  Any  way  you  look  a t  it  Women   characters   will   always  be  in videogames  and  whether  they    be annoying NPCs  such  as   Peach  form  the super   Mario  series,  or  the new   women   character  in Halo  Reach,   women   are  just   as  formidable  and   flexible   as  men   can  be   in   videogames.  What  Im trying  to say   is  next  time youre playing  a  game and  you are  given the  option  to play  as  a  women   try   it  and   see  how  it   works  out   positive  you  won't regret it,   and  if  any  of your   friends   bug you   about  it   all   you have   to  say  is  that  your  character  is  hotter   than  there   wives/   Gfs  and   that  settles  it.