Hey look, the newcomer cheat sheet from GIO is actually the Forum Rules thread! Wow, I feel dumb. Well I wrote this all, it's my blog. So now I made everything a little easier to understand.

Alright, this new place has been up for about three weeks now, and I see a great lack of a Newcomer Cheat Sheet.** Me! But now I will put my own spin on it.

You newbs need to be taught the ways of GIO.

I'm using the old cheat sheet, but giving examples and explaining it more.

Stuff You Really Should Never Find Yourself Doing

Spam: "Pointless messages or threads meant to annoy others is referred to as spam, and is ban-worthy. Don't do it."
If for some God-forsaken reason you do NOT understand what that means, I'll give you some examples from the new forums.



Pointless post, I would consider almost advertising, I hate it when people tell me to take a survey. I'm never going to be on here wanting to take a survey, that's not the goal of the forums.


Now, the thread isn't pointless per-say, but that opening post is, what the hell does it mean? I have no idea, it's pointless, don't post pointless things and waste people's time.

Flaming: "Otherwise known as insulting other members of the boards or their opinions. This is not encouraged, if you do so with malicious intent you will face ban time, please keep any disputes to a PM (Private messages)."

This is pretty simple here. If you don't understand big words like "malicious", flaming basically means don't be super mean to other users for no reason whatsoever.


"Blade your mom is a big fat *** and I hope you die Blade, you sir, suck"

That should get me banned. Or something along those lines, usually a mod will give you a warning first.

Trolling: "Posting in a manner that intentionally provokes others into arguments. This is a ban-worthy offense."

Basically same type of thing as flaming. Don't call someone dumb just to get them to flame you, you won't be helping at all.

Double posting: "Making consecutive posts to append a previous comment is generally frowned upon. Please use the edit button at the bottom right hand corner on your post to change anything or to add anything. Also, please refrain from making multiple posts in the same thread in short order to garner attention. If someone has a relevant point to add to a thread, they will make it. Repeating a message or hounding others for replies can and will result in post deletions and (if necessary) ban time."

For the love of God don't do this, it's so *** annoying, we have an edit button. If you don't understand this, you need help.

Duplicate threads: "Multiple threads on the same subject are not allowed and any found will be locked, in an effort to keep the boards clean. If you are uncertain whether or not a thread already exists on the subject you wish to discuss, use the search button located in the upper right hand corner of the forums."

This bugs most people on the forums, don't do it. I hate seeing new users come here and make a new thread on a video-game that's super popular. DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT AN ESTABLISHED FORUM DOESN'T HAVE A THREAD ON THAT GAME. REALLY?

Of course, that applied more to the old place then now, but by a month, we should have a thread for every major game.

Reviving Old Threads (a.k.a. Thread Necromancy): "Thread necromancy, the act of reviving an old thread that has been inactive for a period of months or years, is preferred over making duplicate threads for the same subject. However, it is strongly encouraged that you make the post insightful, and an actual contribution to the thread. Reviving a thread to make inane comments, such as "bump" or "Yeah I agree," is frowned upon, and may result in a lock of the thread."

Yea, there it is. Of course with only three weeks of threads this hasn't really been a problem, but good to keep in mind for the future.

Vs. Threads: "Versus threads lead to flaming, and are highly frowned upon. Therefore, please do not make any such threads. (For example "Xbox360 vs. PS3", or "Which is better- MTV or Fuse?")."

This was a rule on the old site which I'm sure sure has been totally applied here. I'll post it nonetheless.

Walls O' Text:

That's pretty simple, it's called the "enter" button people.

Other Things That May Annoy Veterans of the Old Forum and Myself:



  • Type like a normal person.

NoT liek dis n' all gansta speek n stuf. ya'know we do has a speel cheecker. Also, no 1337 please?

  • Don't do what this guy who started this thread did


First, the title of the thread is all wrong here. Can we keep titles normal? Please. Not something that makes you sound stupid. And this guy sounds like an ad, seriously. Don't sound like an advertisement. It's annoying. Also, he poses a question about the game, instead of creating and Official Tony Hawk Ride thread, which would be way more helpful in the long run.

  • Don't come on these forums and tell us about your awesome band and post pictures of your hair flailing around while playing your totally sick guitar in your High School band and how you are going to make it big and then say how your brother is having sex in your room and your dating a freshman and want to know if its ok because her dad doesn't approve.

Yes, I used a run-on sentence, so sue me. Don't be PimpMasterFlex.


**Haha, look, they put it in the forum rules thread, well. Whatever, I typed this all so I'm going to post it.