Where are the games Sony? No FPSs, no ports of games already in existence, no yearly installments; those I will not accept! So where are the games?

I wrote a blog post a few months back on why I never buy next gen consoles at launch. But this particular launch has been very different for me. I received a Wii U as a gift this past summer and while that's technically not at launch, it is earlier than I would initially have purchased it. Then back in November I won a PS4 in a raffle at a local retailer. It was a grand and exciting event and I was happy even though I knew that there were no games out that interested me. But here I sit, in January and the only game that even remotely piques my interest is the title Don't Starve!

Now while I have nothing against the games that are out, they are just not my kind of thing. I don't like shooters that much. Maybe it's because the first game I ever played was an FPS. Maybe I'm just burned out, but for whatever reason FPS games just no longer appeal to me. And then there are the sports games. I like Madden every once in a while, and a good boxing game always excites me, but as a gamer and a collector, sports titles have little to no room in my life and considering the rapid depreciation in their value, I simply cannot justify the initial cost. And as for numbered/annul or nearly annual installments such as Assassins Creed? Well if I haven't played every entry in the series I usually have a hard time getting in to the latest game.

So what's a gamer to do? Apparently we are to do nothing but wait out the drought, and this does not sit well with me. I've talked to way too many gamers who have done nothing with their PS4's other than let it sit on their entertainment centers collecting dust. I've seen entirely too many used PS4 ads on Craigslist! That's not right! And while I'm fully aware that buying a console at launch means that you run the risk of not having any good games to pick from, I have to pose the question; if you haven't got any good games then why should you expect anyone to buy your console?

I don't need a lot to choose from, I just need one really good game. One really good game that actually interests me. One really good game that will make my frugal hands happily reach in to my wallet for the 60 dollars I need for admittance. One good game that breaks the mold, making everything else look mundane and repetitive (oh wait...). That's all I want Sony, just one good game.

So, do you agree? Are there just not enough games out that interest you? Is your PS4 collecting dust due to the lack of stellar games? Or are you amongst the opposing? Am I totally off and bullheaded? Is there some ridiculously amazing title that I just so happened to overlook? If so feel free to leave feedback in the comment section. Just because I don't feel there are any good games out that interest me doesn't mean that I'm not still open to suggestions! Anyway, as always, thanks for reading and happy gaming!