With the end of the year gradually approaching and the whether rapidly growing colder I find myself spending an increased amount of time indoors. While I'm trapped inside trying to avoid Mother Nature I figured I should do something productive. So I've issued a challenge to myself! The challenge is to beat/finish as many games in my backlog as possible. Besides, with Christmas coming up I'm bound to get some new games from somewhere and I'd feel a lot better starting them knowing that I've tied up some of my many loose ends. So what are some of these games I'm referring to? Well I'd be glad to tell you! Warning: This could take a while!


Corpse Party

First on my challenge list is a delightfully chilling PSP title by the name of Corpse Party. I downloaded this game a while back, how far back I'm not sure. But for whatever reason I've had quite a hard time finishing it. The problem for me hasn't been its level of difficulty; the problem is finding the time. I typically only play handheld titles when I'm on the go, but nowadays I don't go anywhere. However with Thanksgiving coming up and the fact that I'll be away from home, I figured now would be a good time to pull out the handheld gaming devices and conquer my backlog!


Fire Emblem Awakening

Second up is Fire Emblem Awakening. Now when this title was first released I was completely and utterly encompassed by it. But then I progressed to this one part, this one ridiculously tricky part, and ever since I have not been able to beat the game. I figure my halt in progress is due to a lot of bad strategy early on in the game, that and an obsession with saving this one particular character. So instead of trying to repeat the exact same battle for the 100th time I've decided to completely start from the beginning, make the right decisions, and win this thing!


Pokémon White 2

Next on the list is Pokémon White 2. I own a copy of Pokémon White and I thought it was great! For the first time ever I felt like Pokémon had a fully fleshed out story. Not only did it keep me engaged but I thought it was the most interesting Pokémon game I had played to date, regardless of my disdain for some of the Pokémon designs. Seeing as I liked Pokémon White so much when White 2 was released I rushed out to get it. I even managed to get all the way to Victory Road, but for some reason I just still haven't finished it.


Pokémon Yellow

Yes, another Pokémon game has made the list. Now some of you are probably wondering why on earth is Pokémon Yellow still in my backlog after all these years. Isn't it bad enough that I'm still playing White 2 when everyone else has moved on to X and Y? Well the truth is I've owned a copy of Pokémon Yellow since my Elementary School days. I can even remember very clearly the day my mother bought it for me. My best friends thought they were so cool because they had gotten Pokémon Blue before me, but I'd show them by being the first in our group to own Pokémon Yellow. So when my mother gave me the choice between Pokémon Yellow and Mario Cart 64 I choose Pokémon Yellow. Vengeance was mines that day! Sadly my childhood self fell in love with a Mankey and tried to beat the elite four with only a level 82 Primape. Needless to say, that didn't work out and once Pokémon Silver and Gold where released I just never looked back until now.


Dante's Inferno

Moving away from the handhelds and on to the consoles, Dante's Inferno has the next spot on my list. I first heard about Dante's Inferno from my dad who heard about it from God knows where. Shortly after speaking to him I received my monthly issue of GameInfomer and read an article about said game. From there I knew I had to have it. It was dark, it was gritty, it was about love, it was about redemption, and it was about hell! What more could you want from a game! I remember my dad picking the game up for me. I was thrilled and completely determined to finish it, because of course with an intriguing story like this I had to know how it ended! But then one day my husband got his hands on it, and did the unthinkable, he beat it before me! After seeing him finish the game it soured things for me and I haven't picked it up since. But about 2 or so years have passed and my memory of the ending is vague so now would be a good time to finally finish what I started so long ago.



If you're a gamer, and I'm assuming all of you are, then you've probably heard of Dishonored. I've had Dishonored in my possession for months now. I didn't initially run out and buy it because I was unsure of whether I really wanted to play it or not. But great review after great review eventually persuaded me to make the purchase. Around June I finally decided to play it. I got in about an hour or 2, was unimpressed, decided to save and pick it back up in a day or so. Then I realized that my husband had forgotten to sign out of his account and all of my progress had been saved on his profile! After that I just gave up. I just didn't feel like miserably trekking through the beginning stages of a game that I didn't like all over again. Looking back on it, I wonder if I judged it to early so I've decided to include it in my Year End Gaming Challenge.



For a long time I would only buy games when they were either on sale, the price had dropped, or they had been placed in the bargain bin. Homefront was one of my bargain bin purchases. At the time I was broke and I "didn't have anything to play". I skeptically purchased it, went home to play it, and found that I was less than blown away. Admittedly I expected to be disappointed which made it less painful, but it didn't make it any easier to finish the game. Shortly after something new came around (Sleeping Dogs I think), and I used my Power Up Rewards to get 20 dollars off of my purchase and moved on to a new game.


Fable 3

I actually have a legitimate reason for why I didn't finish playing Fable 3. I ended up playing Fable 2 on a whim and I adored it! When Fable 3 was released I assumed I would cherish it just as much as I did Fable 2. Unfortunately I didn't get the chance to find out if I would or not. My husband was deployed and he took the Xbox 360 with him. When he came home I was excited to resume playing all the 360 games that I didn't get a chance to finish but he gave me the devastating news that he dared not give me via letter or phone, the Xbox and all of our games had been stolen! Recently when picking up my preorder for GTAV I found a 3 dollar copy of Fable 3 in the bargain bin at our local GameStop. Thank God for bargain bins!


Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition

When the original Xbox was out I was still dependent on my parents and grandfather for games. In other words I played whatever they bought me and whatever I could afford on my allowance. My dad was a PS2 owner so that's what I got. But I would always hear my then best friend playing Halo every time we would talk on the phone. He would go on and on about how amazing and innovative it was, and try to convince me to buy an Xbox so I could play it to. And I would then explain to him that I was only allowed one console, and that any game named Halo was probably silly anyway. Last week I finally decided to acquire it and I must say I like what I've seen so far.


Tomb Raider

I obtained Tomb Raider rather recently. I've honestly probably only owned it for about 3 or 4 months now. It's been sitting in its shrink wrap ever since. The reason I didn't initially play it is because I still hadn't finished The Last of Us or Ni No Kuni, the latter of which belongs on the list but will not be added due to the time constraints. I've heard nothing but good reviews for the new and improved Tomb Raider and I've come to the conclusion that now is the time for me to experience the magic that everyone's been clamoring about.



I would assume that most gamers have heard of Earthbound. Many of us have listened to the tales of its rarity and were fully aware that the majority of us would never get a chance to play it. And then Nintendo did something remarkable, they released it as a digital download for Wii U! Days after Earthbound was released to the Nintendo eShop I decided to download it, and if memory serves correct I've even finished the first two towns so far. I was making a consistent effort to at least play the game a few times a week but in late August we moved. Part of the moving process is packing and unpacking and it was a while before I finally unpacked my Wii U. Now that I have I intend to pick up where I left off and find out how this quirky and extremely lovable RPG ends!


So that's it folks, that concludes my list. Now to be honest, this list is extremely short when considering just how big of a backlog I have. I've never taken the time to actually do the math but I'm certain that I have well over 50 games that need playing, such as Ni No Kuni and the Mass Effect trilogy. I also decided to not include games from any systems prior to Wii/PS3/360 era. So as you can see I had to drastically trim the list in order to meet more realistic expectations. Even now I'm not sure that I can successfully pull this off but it's certainly worth a try.


If you've stayed with me this long and made it to the end I thank you! I also ask, what are some of the games that you guys haven't finished? Do you intend on finishing any of them up over the holidays? If so feel free to comment and join in the Year End Gaming Challenge with me! Good luck and happy gaming!