I think with its recent price cut, coupled with the future promised connectivity to the PS4, the Playstation Vita may soon see a bump in sales.  I recently purchased one for myself and I was faced with an interesting decision.  I was unsure whether or not to purchase Persona 4 Golden.  Everyone seems to rave about how great the game is, but I wasn’t sure if it was for me.  I love RPGs, but I am a fan of fantasy settings like The Elder Scrolls, the Souls series, or D&D.  On the other hand, I am not a tremendous fan of modern-day settings or anime.  I also recently played Disgaea, and while loving tactical RPGs, I couldn’t get hooked.  So you can see my dilemma.

Considering the possibility of a spike in Vita sales, there may be some consumers out there that are in my exact position. It is tough to know whether you will enjoy a game that isn’t in your wheelhouse, regardless of how positive the response is.   So I was hoping to give the perspective of someone who may have some reservations about the game, but is looking for a real time-sink for the Vita.

Well, I am here to tell you that after finally deciding to take the plunge, this game is everything I was hoping and more.  I really enjoy everything about this game, in spite of all of my mentioned concerns.  Deciding how to spend every day, i.e. what stats (including social links) I want to work on, is very addictive and has a Civilization quality to it.  Meaning, just one more click.  Or, in this case:  just one more day.  The battle system is really enjoyable and I find the dungeon structure to be simple but highly effective.  The story is very intriguing and all of the characters are interesting and well-voiced.  To round it all out, the music in this game is wonderful.  There are dramatic tunes, up-beat pop songs, and rock anthems to listen to while you play away the hours.  The variety is very good and none of them wear out their welcome.

So, I hope that if anyone out there has similar tastes to mine, they will consider this gem of a game, even if it seems off-putting at first.  Were any of you facing the same decision?  Or do you disagree for any reason?  Just let me know!