Us gamers have experienced a wide array of games. They allow us to fulfill dreams that we knew would never come true, and for some of us, re-experience some things that did come true.

     My Great-Grandfather was a tail gunner in a bomber, the B-29, during WWII. He was, of course, lucky to get out of the war alive, as such bombers were massive and made relatively easy targets in terms of plane warfare. I do believe that the thrill of his adventure stuck with him, because as a child I would walk into his house and there he would be, sitting on his old HP playing Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator with his joystick controller. He enjoyed it so very much, up until his Alzheimer's got the better of him. Eventually I asked my father what had happened to Gramps old computer games, and so began my introduction to gaming.

     My father enjoyed flight games as well, but only seemed to buy the Microsoft Flight sims. Not that I was complaining at the time. I loved becoming a pilot for a couple hours every day. the freedom of the skies, even in a videogame, was refreshing. We would challenge each other, to see who could survive longest in the roughest weather and the toughest dogfights.

     But then came my console gaming life, and with it came the Ace Combat series. I played the heck out of them, my personal favorite being Ace Combat 5: Unsung War. That one in particular I replayed more times than I can remember. I know that not everyone loved it, but something about that game just struck me every time I played it as my favorite game of all.

      Thanks for reading my un-professional and shorter than I expected blog. Please comment or question me about everything you agreed with, disagreed with, believe  I missed out on, or anything else for that matter. Tell me that my first blog sucked for all I care. Bye Bye!