First, go read this article, and maybe look through the comments a little bit.

     Back? Okay good. Whether you agree with Chris Kluwe or are furious at him,  posting this article on the front page wasn't such a good idea. I come to Game Informer to read up on the latest  gaming news, check out some editor blogs, and maybe watch some Replay. What I don't expect to see when I come here is an article bashing a game, game system, or game company, but this is exactly what Chris Kluwe's article was. I understand that the article was listed as an opinion, and that Chris doesn't work for Game Informer, but to put it on the main page was just asking for a comment flame war. The site has user blogs for opinions, and Chris could have just as easily posted to his blog (like I am doing right now), where people could have read it just the same without it being advertised as breaking news. I understand that Chris is a good friend of Game Informer, and that he is a well known athlete, but the blogging community here on Game Informer works very hard to get noticed, and Chris should have to do the same.

     My other complaint with the article is that it felt like an angry blog rather than a well thought out opinion, and as many people pointed out in the comments, his real complaint was with the Wii, not Xenoblade. If Chris had presented a more balanced argument, simply saying that he wishes the game could have looked better because he really enjoys it, I wouldn't have been so bothered by it (and yes, it would have probably been a pretty boring article). But instead Chris uses the article as a chance to criticize the Wii, and even criticize Xenoblade a little bit, even if he didn't intend it. Looking back at the article, he only talks about Xenoblade for about one paragraph! I fear that people reading the article will walk away thinking Xenoblade's graphics make it unplayable (they don't!). I'm glad that Chris took the time to point out everything he loved about the game (in one short sentence), but the rest of the article is eerily similar to the angry comments posted below it.

     I hope this post doesn't come off too preachy or fanboy-ish. I repect Chris's opinion, and I can agree with the idea that Xenoblade doesn't look so great compared to what is coming out on the PS3 and 360, but I can't get behind blatant Nintendo bashing (even if he does mix in some good with the bad). I don't think Game Informer should have allowed this opinion to be posted on the main page (its in the headlines at the moment) because it is only leading us to fight amongst ourselves.

     Go play Xenoblade Chronicles. It is an amazing game that is worthy of every bit of praise it is getting. Also, feel free to post a comment about the blog below, but please keep it civil. Until my next blog.

- Applesteak