Hey, everybody. Long time no see.

Consider this a status update of sorts for those of you who haven't found my Facebook (which should hopefully be all of you). I've been quiet lately. This is my best attempt at breaking the silence.

So, what's up?

First of all, I'd like to say proudly that I have a few blogs coming down the tubes. They should be posted within the next few days or so. I've got a good mix of traditional series and new ideas. It's been a while since I wrote last, so there's plenty to talk about.

The next is some good news and some sad news. Good news first. I am extremely proud to report that my lack of activity here at GIO stems mostly from newfound social obligations. I'm making new friends and meeting people at college, and it's fantastic. There are so many fun things to do on campus.

Panoramic shot I took at a game. Click to zoom.

It really cuts into your time spent blogging, though. One weekend, I spent 13 hours straight bouncing from dinner to a local concert with my best friend. The bands were terrible, but I enjoyed hearing live music.

Normally, that's time spent blogging. I'm happy to make the transition because it means spending more time with cool people. It's also a sad moment because I look at time spent blogging here on GIO as time well spent. You guys are and always will be awesome. That's why I can't promise a steady stream of new material from here on out. Between school, work, and friends, it's just not feasible. I'll try to post occasionally, but nothing steady.

It's good to be writing again. Look for some brand-new material this week. I'll be interesting then. I promise.