I don't particularly enjoy going to school. Call me crazy, but there are just so many more fun things to do than sit in a classroom all day and listen to somebody else talk. Fun isn't the right word. School is necessary. I certainly don't want to be that guy who drops out and becomes a traveling salesman trying to peddle used Furbys to gullible old people. Mom and Dad always said that would happen if I didn't keep studying.

So that's why I'm going back to school this week. It's hard to eat without a job, and it's hard to have a good job without a complete education. People like eyros who got a good job without going to college, please sit down. We're all jealous of you.

I'm so jealous, I listened to an album named exactly that.

Right. Back on topic. Going back to school will be a lot of fun in some ways. I'll get to see some friends that have been glaringly absent for the past few months. They're all good people, and I hate living several states away. School should solve that, as I'll have uninterrupted contact with them for a good nine months or so. It looks fun.

The downside of school is that I won't have time for all the little fun things that summer provides. Things like spending a good two hours playing Batman: Arkham City on a whim. In the summer, I can put in some serious game time. June, July, and the first week of August are a magical wonderland of zero commitments and all the time in the world for playing games. This summer, I have beaten The Witcher 2 (again), Braid, Dead Space, and Batman: Arkham City. Plus there's the usual huge amount of time spent playing Minecraft and Team Fortress 2.


All that ends when school starts. Suddenly I have commitments. Homework. Friends. Shopping. Cleaning. Basically, my life starts back up again.

That I'm OK with. I like having a life. It's fun. What's not fun is its effect on my gaming time. Between all the things I listed and countless other concerns, actual time spent in serious console games tends to drop dramatically when I'm at school. That sucks. Don't get me wrong, the other stuff comes first, but it would be great to be able to do all that and have time to play the games I want.


After thinking about this topic, I can't be alone here. As much as we would like to have unlimited time for games and gaming, we don't. Life doesn't stop forever. We exist in a finite, constantly changing maelstrom of events which pull us in every direction... with most of those being directions that lead away from gaming.

My question is simple (though your answer may be long). What do you do to make time for gaming? Do you have time to play games? Why or why not?