I usually make it a point not to watch television shows meant for children. Kids' shows are usually terrible. That's just how it goes. Sorry, but I'll take high-octane backstabbing in Game of Thrones over learning how to share from The Wiggles (that's still on TV, right?). However, every now and then there is an exception. Sometimes, just sometimes, it's worth breaking out of my shell of antipathy.

The Legend of Korra is the only children's show I'll watch for the simple reason that it is awesome.

If Pixar ever made a television program, it would be a lot like The Legend of Korra. The show bears all the hallmarks of the makers of Toy Story: family-friendly without being simplistic, profound without being melodramatic, and entertaining without being shallow. Korra is an amazing television show in that there's really something for everyone. I've met fellow fans of all ages- kids still in grade school, high school teenagers, college students, and adults.

New villain. He's intimidating as hell, too.

For those of you who may not have been following the show as religiously as I have, The Legend of Korra is a miniseries that takes place in the same universe as a show that ended a few years ago, Avatar: The Last Airbender. The first show (has nothing to do with the movie about the blue people, by the way) was one of the best television shows ever to air on Nickelodeon. We got three great seasons of Avatar, but when the show ended many fans were disappointed. We wanted more.

The response from the show's creators was The Legend of Korra. The new show is set several decades into the future after the end of Avatar. In my mind, this was the best possible solution. It lets the show keep the same appealing universe that we so enjoyed in the last series, but without recycling characters or plotlines from the old show. Starting over with a fresh avatar and a new cast was really the best move.

Did I mention the new avatar? Korra is a water bender from the southern water tribe. She finds out at an early age that she is the new Avatar, the only bender able to control all four elements. Korra is an excellent example of how to do a lead character right- she's interesting, charismatic, likeable, and downright cool. She can also be impulsive, angry, and reckless. Those qualities make her even more endearing, though. Korra occasionally does stupid things because she cares too much for her friends.

The writing for Korra and the other character is really good. They feel a lot like real people who deal with their problems in a realistic way (even if those problems involve shooting fireballs at each other). Put it this way: I had a genuinely difficult time choosing a picture of Korra to put at the top left of this post. No one picture really did a good job of summing up the entirety of her character. There's far more than can be contained within a single image.

On the non-literary side, my inner three-year-old is very impressed with the action in the series. The Legend of Korra is packed full of ninjas, policemen who can swing from buildings like Spider-man, ninjas on motorcycles, earth benders who can hurl massive rocks, ninjas on trains, fire benders who can hurl gouts of flame at others, and ninjas with bolos. Really, there are a lot of ninjas. They're pretty much everywhere, and it's awesome.

Ninjas with bolos and firebenders atop an old-timey car. There is nothing that is not cool in this picture.

The where in which they are everywhere is the new set of the show, Republic City. Where the previous show was generally based on feudal Japan, The Legend of Korra takes its cues from 1920s New York City. The result is a steampunk universe full of ninjas with electrical batons, airships, and other old-timey technology from that period in history. The setting is a welcome addition. We really don't get enough steampunk television shows, I think.

The best thing there is to say about The Legend of Korra is that I can't talk about it without getting excited. Seriously, you all have no idea how many times I went back through this post and edited out the most superlative adjectives. It's hard to describe the show without using phrases like "absolutely amazing" and "completely awesome."

Who would I recommend this to? Literally anyone. As long as you're OK watching a TV show ostensibly made for children, The Legend of Korra is some quality entertainment for pretty much any age. The first two episodes are free to download on iTunes. Try it.

I can't be the only person here who watches this show. Who else watches Korra? What did you think of the first season? Was the ending awesome, or what?