In case you missed it, GI did a feature on some of the best games for Android phones. They had a pretty good list, and the apps listed are definitely worth picking up. However, there were a couple apps that didn't get their day in the sun. In my time with my new Evo 4G, there were a couple apps that have caught my eye. They're totally worth looking into, so I've listed them here in one convenient place. You're welcome.

#1- Cut the Rope

There are plenty of terrible mobile games, but to balance them out there's also Cut the Rope. It's a fun title from Zeptolab that is best classified as a physics-based puzzler. By strategically cutting ropes (shocking, I know) and timing everything just right, you drop a piece of candy into the mouth of an adorable alien named Ohm Nom. Don't fail, though. The look of betrayal on his face when the candy falls off the screen is priceless.

However, it's not just all cuteness and games. The actual gameplay in Cut the Rope is polished to perfection. The controls are built specifically for touch screens and feel smooth. Every object in the game behaves realistically. Hell, even the rope physics are spot-on. The puzzles themselves are short brainteasers. Each level doesn't take much more than a few minutes to complete, but with seven worlds of 25 levels apiece, you're getting a massive amount of content for your money. Plus, Zeptolab likes to release substantial free updates with new worlds every couple months. All in all, Cut the Rope is easily one of the best mobile games I've ever played and comes with my highest recommendation. Oh, and it's on the iPhone too.

#2- Droid Comic Viewer

Ignore the name, this app was made for all Android devices. It supports every form of digital manga and comics. You can easily organize your collection, adjust reading options like screen orientation and comic width and zoom in on certain spots. Best of all, the app is lightweight and fast. It loads comics way faster than other readers I've used. There's little lag between switching comics and none between pages. If you want to take your collection on the go, this is the best solution.

The blood splatters really pop in HD.

#3- Netflix

I shouldn't even have to explain this one. Netflix is always updating and expanding their library so that you can watch thousands of movies online. They even have whole seasons of TV shows like Psych, Heroes, Archer, and every episode ever made of Lost and Futurama. I can't even count the number of hours I've lost watching old seasons of Futurama. They also recently added the Tarantino classics Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction, which you need to see right now. Both of those movies are absolutely amazing, so I'll probably watch both of those again. Or you could watch Human Centipede. It's on Netflix. Not that I'm judging you for that.

#4- Snes9x

I've mentioned this one before. It's my favorite SNES emulator because it works well and it's free. You have to find the ROMs yourself, but with a little work you too can play all the SNES classics you want. I'm playing A Link to the Past and Super Street Fighter II Turbo right now. SSF2T has an impossibly hard campaign... *** Ryu and his fireballs. But that's irrelevant. Bottom line is that if you're an old-school gamer who appreciates the classics, Snes9x can let you relive them for the price of zero dollars.

#5- EasyTether

“What's tethering, good sir?” you ask. Glad you asked (you did, right?). This app lets you share your phone's 3G connection with a computer for moderately fast internet. You plug your phone into the computer and install a driver. After that, it's done. Your computer now has internet. Don't go crazy with it, though. All of the wireless carriers have some sort of cap on the amount of data you can use. You can't pirate The Return of the King in Blu-Ray, but the setup will work perfectly fine for basic stuff like web browsing. This app is an absolute godsend on car trips when my laptop would normally be stranded without internet.

#6- Volume+

Volume+ is another technical app. My phone naturally outputs sound that's too quiet and often hard to hear. Volume+ lets you boost the volume and quality of the sound. I don't understand all of the specifications, but the app lets you mess with some sliders to adjust the audio for best listening. You can make it extra bass heavy, that kind of thing. Volume+ is especially useful when you're listening to a certain Mass Effect 3 Q&A podcast where a certain editor won't talk above a whisper. I won't say his name, but it rhymes with Bryan Vore.

Still unsure who it is.

That's about it for my favorite apps. Do you have a phone? If so, what apps do you like to use?