One of the odder aspects of Internet message boards (including GIO) is that you really have no idea who you're talking to. You're essentially talking to people you'll probably never meet. That's weird. But, it does mean that you have almost complete control over what you reveal to others online. 

My question to you is, just how much personal information are you willing to reveal online? 

"You want to know how I got these scars?"

It's not an easy question. Personally, I was taught as a kid that the Internet was teeming with child predators and rapists who watched your every move, waiting for you to reveal a bit of personal information so they could hunt you down. Obviously, that's not entirely true. At least I hope not. The point is that I was always told to never reveal anything real online.  

What started with my parents quickly became a force of habit. Even to this day, I almost never garnish (ha, funny word) my blogs with any real information about me. I've written countless words about my interests and activities and obsession with Futurama, but never once about something that marks me. Why? I don't really know. Maybe those rapists are still watching me. 

Still, when reading other people's stuff, real-life details catch my eye and instantly add a touch of realism. For example, Drym Shyuan (spelling?) lives in Estonia, a country that is neck and neck with Sri Lanka and Lichenstein for the "Most Obscure Nation" award. Gamebeast, an impressively articulate writer, has some facial paralysis. Several other members have mentioned in passing that they are married. Stuff like that is interesting. 

But the question remains: How much of yourself do you reveal online? 

Such as a tendency to catch giant... whatever the hell that is.

Here I have to give Jane and Chris (Demon Ragnarok) props, they actually did video blogs. That's gutsy (not everybody is willing to come out as a Monk fan). There's no way I'd ever come out from hiding behind my keyboard. Well, that and my writing is infinitely better than my speaking. It's not easy to just talk into a camera of strangers... 

It's a stock photo, but you get the point. Some of us weren't made for TV.

I guess any kind of blogging reveals something about yourself. Every word you write, every pithy comment you post, every video you film, it all adds up. The only way to reveal nothing is to not say anything... and let's face it, there wouldn't be much point in that. 

What about you? How much are you willing to reveal online?