Just to warn you now, this blog doesn't have a purpose. I have a couple posts on standby, but they're not really ready yet. On standby was a depressed blog about how rough it is trying to write. In it, I more or less b!@#$ and moan about how nobody ever likes the stuff I think they will. 

That post was kind of whiney, but the real problem was Cracked. For the last month or so, I've been trying to get my writing accepted by Cracked.com, one of the biggest comedy websites on the Internet. 

Their site runs on an open-door policy. If you sign up, you can submit your work for consideration. The catch is that the Cracked editors have an absurdly high set of standards. They are unbelievably demanding and refuse to accept anything that's less than perfect. 

As you might imagine, I had a lot of trouble. Being rejected over and over again was what was really exasperating me. Seriously, I went through 38 different ideas before finally finding one that worked. Just for your amusement, I've even scanned in my notes.

See that tally in the middle? That's the number of failed pitches I went through. It was ridiculous. 

But, this week was different. 

I was actually chosen for Member Herding and the Community News Review in the same week, which will probably never happen again. The one thing that topped it all off, though, was getting accepted by Cracked. 

I. Was. Accepted. 

Notice the strategic blur. Cracked editors are a foul-mouthed bunch.

If you're not a regular reader of Cracked, this probably won't mean as much to you. However, this is a huge deal. I get paid $50 and best of all, my article will be on the very front page of Cracked.com. The average Cracked article gets 500,000 views. That's more than all of my blogs put together. The most views I've ever gotten on a single post was my one about game ratings, and that was 1,600. 

Five. Hundred. Thousand. Views.  The good articles get even more than that. Some have even hit 2,000,000. That's insane.

There's really no purpose to this blog, except that I'm extremely excited about being accepted by Cracked. It's not every day your work is read by 500,000 people. I would post the article here, but part of being accepted is unfortunately that you lose your ownership. The best I'm allowed to do is to link to it. I'll still do that, mainly because I'd love to hear what you all think of it as the article is game-related. I'm not sure if I'm even allowed to say what it is, but I'll stay on the safe side of the Cracked editors and not mention anything yet. Rest assured, I think you all will enjoy it. Editorial still hasn't said when it will run, but I can't wait.

This is me, just without the five o'clock shadow.

I guess the moral here is to keep trying. I was depressed only two weeks ago because the Cracked editors had shot down every pitch I posted. But things turn around, often when you least expect it. Keep on keeping on. 

Don't worry, I'll go back to interesting posts later. I was just too excited about this.