Now, to some of the more hardcore players, this guide might seem a little obvious. But, it's the obvious stuff that we sometimes miss, and it helped me a lot. This is intended for good players who just need a little extra boost. I certainly tried and failed to get a Chopper Gunner many times, but just couldn't seem to get it.

First is killstreaks. Set them to Predator, Harrier, and Chopper Gunner. I think Chopper Gunner is better than AC-130, but it really depends on the map and your personal preference.

Your class should be set up for whatever works for you, but I would reccommend some form of sniper rifle and close quarters weapon. It's simple probability- if you snipe, that killstreak you've spent the past 10 minutes on has a smaller chance of being cut short. Here's my preferred class:

Fal: Thermal/FMJ     Spas-12: FMJ/Grip     Claymore     Flashx2     Bling Pro     Stopping Power Pro     Steady Aim Pro     Final Stand

The first obstacle is getting the Predator. This part does require a bit of skill. I like to place a claymore wherever I kill someone because whoever you killed will probably return there for revenge. Once you do get the Predator, get to a safe spot where you can hide out for a while. Call it in and try to get a double kill. The Predator has a pretty generous explosion radius, and it's not too hard to get a double kill.

Next come the Harriers. Don't just pick a random spot for the airstrike, try to call it in on an HQ or base or something. This is the most difficult and most important part. The Harrier will probably get you at least two kills. Usually someone will shoot it down. That's when you need to be very, very careful and finish your killstreak, preferably by sniping.

Congratulations. With a little luck and some skill, you've now gotten a Chopper Gunner. Call it in and own. If you're using an AC-130, be sure to lead your targets and cycle through the guns to maintain a continuous rate of fire. If you're using a Chopper Gunner, don't stop firing... ever. It doesn't overheat or run out of ammo, so just hold down the trigger and aim for the people with Stingers.

Good luck!