A few days ago, more exactly, past Tuesday, I was roaming the internet as I would have found normal or typical like every other day I do. I would get home, relax, put my feet up and inevitably feeding myself on the daily gaming news has become inherent to my daily schedule.

But this time a different kind of news popped up on the timeline. It was the report on a very special case that happened not too long ago on a Gamestop store. It was the story of a little kid with his brother and his dad on the odyssey of obtaining a new videogame for the young pal.

But the story doesn't flow as nice as you can possibly imagine. Things got a little out of control within that little family.

But it's the end of the story that got me the most. The way it was solved and how people are able to, through little acts, change the way we perceive them forever.

Because sometimes it's the little actions that count the most.

They're the ones that resonate the most.


So let me tell you the story of the 2 brothers and his dad that occurred that day on that Gamestop store.

So the little family had gone to the store with the intentions of getting a new videogame for the younger brother, as the kid and his older brother were browsing the catalog that Gamestop had to offer, Kristen Wolfe, the Gamestop's shift manager and a blogger too, spotted the family inside the store and decided to keep an eye on them if any questions arised from them in the search for the kid's newest title.

The kid had its objective and mind focused on one kind of game and one kind of game only. One where it had a female protagonist. As well as acquiring a purple Xbox 360 controller, which he said was his favorite color out of them all. (I secretly love purple too)

After a decent enough search around the store the 2 of them set their eyes on Mirror's Edge.

But shortly after this, the father stepped in the store to check out how were the 2 boys doing with the shopping. The father saw the kid had picked Mirror's Edge, a game title with a woman on the cover. The father disagreed immediately. He clearly didn't approve of his son's choice. Dad now started pushing the young one to get "something more manly", the father showed him Dead Island instead of Mirror's Edge. Even against the little boy's protestations of wanting to buy Mirror's Edge.

That is the moment where the oldest brother comes in. He told his Dad "It's my money, it's my gift to him, if that's what he wants I'm getting it for him, and if you're going to hit anyone for it, it's going to be me."

The father just gives the big brother a stern stare down, and then proceeds to leave the store at once. The young brother is crying quietly. This is where Kristen comes in.

She walks over and she ruffles her hair. All of this happened in front of her.

She says "I'm a girl, and I like the color blue, and I like shooting games. There's nothing wrong with what you like. Even if it's different than what people think you should."

She smiles, he smiles back. She stated her heart almost melt that moment. Then big brother leans down, kisses the little brother on the head and says:

"Don't worry dude."

This is definitely one of a kind story that we not always might hear about. Maybe this kind of events happen around the world 24/7 but we may never know or find a way to know about it. But this particular case managed to slip and now thousands of gamers know the story of the little brother and his big brother.

It's these type of little stories that make you reflect a little on the kind of actions you do in every day life. I've met hundreds upon hundreds of people all across my life, may it be relatives or people who I just run over while walking on the street or watching them whil sitting on the car. We meet and see an incredible amount of people that it's kind of inevitable to just not run into one of these cases.

I can recall certain events like this that I have been either fortunately or unfortunately to presence.

Not many people believe in destiny. I personally believe in it. I believe in the way history aligns you with other kind of same people in your travels. The way life puts them in front of you like if they were some kind of test.

"Here they are. There's a problem about to rise. I've chosen you, are you going to stand up and do something, or are you simply going to walk away?"

Unfortunately, most of the cases I've presenced are just not that simple enough to deal with them. The world, as it may look like and as we perceive it, is a cruel, cold and hard place at times. I've seen children getting pushed around by their fathers and clearly demonstrating the father does not love the child at all, like if the child had the fault of ever ruining the man's life by deciding to simply, live. Or seeing at school a new kid getting verbally bullied around by other kids. Or seeing an unhappy couple and the woman being clearly abused by the man.

But, what am I supposed to do in those cases? What am I capable of, what am I capable of doing even though I might disturb the other people by getting into things that aren't really my problem?

Well, that's the never ending question. What are you capable of becoming just to help another person in need? How far would you go, how much would you change, how would you break from your daily personality to stand up for one little person who could use your hand in that moment? Life plants them in your sight, you have the choice to influence or simply walk away.

But sometimes things aren't that simple. If you decide to help that one person from whatever trouble they're upon, they're now your responsibility. You know what I mean?

After influencing in their lives, and possibly changing it forever, those lives, these people now form part of the decisions you have taken along the way. They are showing their hand that needs help, but are you capable of living with and taking care of them the moment after you offer your help?

Once you help them, you become attached to that person.


Because life has both put you in that special situation.

Bound by something stronger than just an experience. Or a seemingly simple daily situation.

Bound by destiny.

Of course, not all cases of people you come across are just that simple like I've said before. You could help them, but there's a limit or a point until you could possibly help them without invading their lives or breaking any kind of moral law. To want to influence on an ever decaying relationship might be a good example. How you can help without getting too much into their own personal lives, how to help without creating some kind of disturbance.

But the truth is, if we may choose to help this kind of people, not all outcomes are going to be necessarily positive. We have the choice of changing their lives. But just as we may influence positively on them, we can also negatively change their lives forever.

That is why we must consider if we're capable and ready to help those in need. You need to reflect if you can positively change their lives, because negatively influencing over a life isn't just a simple screw up. That one climatic moment in their lives and you can just come and change them. Forever.

The cases where you might be able to lend the perfect help for someone aren't the same I could possibly provide my help for other type of people. We are all different to a point, and we all solve things in a different way and manner.

All kinds of people for all kinds of trouble in this world.

If I had been Kristen, I probably would have taken a stand in that one specific situation. But in a way without creating any kind of disturbance like upsetting the father over trying to influence on their lives, which would later lead to a complaint by the father and negatively affecting me in the way, and without even making a change in the little boy's life.

You would need to think 2 times before trying to lend a hand and changing a person's life. Because those kinds of events aren't something we can presence every day on our lives.

Whether it's you or me actually standing up and doing something about it, or simply walking away.

We are only capable of doing what we are capable to do.

It's just the way sometimes life is.

Because we have to understand we can't always help those who are around us.

No matter how simple or complex the situation might be.

They're different people with different feelings, different emotions and different troubles.

They're not us.

And we can't always say what we want.