Do you wish to drive race cars at unthinkable speeds? May it be driving space ships, battle tanks, planes or helicopters; video games have the power to allow you to do almost anything in virtual world. However, there are considerable percent of gamers who prefer to experience hardships faced by farmers, instead of experiencing thrilling excitement offered by various races.

Gamers are slowly moving away from spaceships, cars, zombies, and are spending time in driving garbage lorries, long-haul trucks, tractors, and other farm machines. Farm simulator games are considered as some of most played games around the world.

Do you wish to introduce yourself to the realism of farming, and operate those tractors with your hands? You should definitely try playing Farming Simulator, or Farmville.

Farming Simulator

Farming simulator is business simulation game created by Giants software company, and published by France based- Focus Home Interactive. The game's first version was released in October 2012. Game's next version was Farming Simulator 14, and it was released in September 2013, followed by Farming Simulator 15 in October this year.

Every player is a farmer, and his/or her aim is to expand farm's area with the help of tools, and vehicles. Players are responsible for harvesting crops, and selling them from time to time in-order to buy new machinery, buildings and animals.  Depending on the supply and demand ratio, rates for various commodities keep on changing.

Player can also opt to perform various agricultural processes like grass cutting, woodcutting, transporting agricultural produce from one place to another, etc.

All the available machinery and agricultural vehicles like tractors appear very realistic in the game's latest version.

Locations and graphics used in this game are inspired from real locations in Europe and the United States. Graphics might make you feel as if you are sitting in the middle of your own farm. You can invite up to 15 friends to join you online in this game.

The current version, Farming Simulator 15 Mods is the best one, as far as graphics and sound effects are concerned. Game’s new Nordic environment will keep you busy for several hours. You can play this game on Mac OS, Android, iOS, windows, Xbox one, Nintendo, and playstation devices. You will definitely enjoy controlling that tractor in fields!

farming simulator


When it comes to farming simulation games, Farmville might be the first name which gamers and social networking site users will start thinking about. Farmville is developed by Zynga and its first version was released as social network game in 2009. It was the most played game by Facebook users from 2009 to 2011. It was rated as seventh most popular game played on Facebook in 2012, and currently, it is 70th most popular game on the social networking site.

Players can choose animated farm land from various locations like Australia, Atlantis, Japan, England, etc. Game makers add new farms after every six weeks.

While playing, you have to perform various tasks of farming like harvesting trees, planting and growing crops, and plowing land. You can constantly keep on earning farm cash and farm coins by performing various tasks. This cash and coins can be used to purchase additional land, biplane, trees, livestock, animals, fuel, power, farming machines, equipments and other items. Player’s aim is to create the best and largest farm possible. You can also invite your Facebook friends to play with you.

The second version of this game called- Farmville 2 was released in 2012. It introduced some minor changes in the game’s graphics and changed the way resources are credited in player’s account.

In April 2014, Zynga released Farmville 2- country escape. This version is specially designed for iOS and Android device users, and players can also play it when their devices are offline.

In-spite of the game’s success, Time magazine tagged it as one of the 50 worst inventions in recent times. The magazine also suggested that Farmville is one of Facebook’s most addictive games.

Thanks to millions of gamers, Zynga successfully roped in several brand partners like Microsoft Bing, Discover Card, American Express, Frito Lay, Mc Donald’s and Capital One.

Farmville has lost considerable number of gamers since 2012, but, its makers claim that everyday around 5 million people still play Farmville 2.