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Download Peeples Movie in Blu-ray Quality

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It may be a Tyler Perry presentation, but “Peeples,” which Perry produced but does not appear in, really belongs to Craig Robinson (“The Office”) and David Alan Grier.

The movie might as well be called “Meet the Peeples” since there’s no denying the comparisons to Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro as our fumbling hero and his unforgiving father-in-law. But the stars here put their own stamp on the silliness, no matter how inevitably it unfolds.

Robinson’s Wade is an aspiring musician who currently sings songs about potty-training to toddlers. His girlfriend, Grace (Kerry Washington), knows that her snobby father, Judge Peeples (Grier), won’t approve. But with an engagement looming, Wade thinks it’s high time he joined the family.

The question, of course, is whether the family — most particularly, Grace’s dad — feels the same way. When Wade crashes their weekend in the Hamptons, the judge is annoyed. When Wade ruins their town’s annual “Moby Dick” celebration, he’s appalled. And when Wade gets caught in a compromising position with Grace, he’s apoplectic. But it looks as though these two men may be stuck with each other for the long haul.

Washington deserves better than her two-dimensional, and occasionally demeaning, supporting role. But Robinson’s enthusiasm never flags, and Grier’s deadpan pomposity is a consistently amusing counterweight to the movie’s escalating slapstick. S. Epatha Merkerson is equally appealing as Grace’s good-natured mother; it’s a gentler role than she usually plays, and she eases into it with a joyful radiance.

Director Tina Gordon Chism, who also wrote the screenplay, seems to have relied pretty strongly on Perry for guidance. In particular, she rejects any notions of subtlety, either in the comedy or the weirdly heavy-handed messages about masculinity. Since the movie is also shot and edited like one of Perry’s choppy, perpetually underlit films, the gorgeous seaside setting remains an underused afterthought.

But the director also loosens things up, allowing her cast to define the action rather than the other way around, as is Perry’s style. Just like the judge, producer Perry has been a one-man show for too long; he can only improve by opening his empire to fresh perspectives and personalities. “Peeples” may not break any new ground, but it’s about time Perry threw a family reunion hosted by someone other than Madea.