Hello Everyone again! Like promise this is my third blog and I sure as heck gonna love this one because I am going to talk about major or minor female and male characters I and as well others might look up to in video games let's get started shall we? :)


My female role model is Lightning Farron of course my favorite character from Final Fantasy the most and her personality is rocky but hey were all human, mistakes are bound to happen. Been playing Final Fantasy 13 for a while and pretty much the strong female character I look up the most compared to other video games Lightning stood out the most. Tough attitude, doesn't really need help by male characters, as well can pretty much defend herself. Unlike other female characters Lightning really doesn't need sex appeal meaning for me ripped clothing and always looking like their the perfect female. I know I have some of Light's personality being a tough female and as well speaking my mind out no matter what and I ask for help when I need it but sure as heck not 24/7 plus it was Light that strengthen Hope. As well we know that Lightning herself isn't perfect when it comes to picking an goal at the time but with her talk with Hope she found her resolve there and knew that she cannot defeat everyone without some assistance and what's better yet with friends.


My male role model is Connor, yes the Native American Assassin etc. The reason why is that I bonded with Connor out of all the guys I seen on the Assassin's Creed games but as well other games. Connor been through a lot and seriously at the age of 5 losing his mother while his village is burning how can you not be shock and sadden at that moment. Put your feet in his shoes and know the crap he dealt with and that's what I pretty much did and understood his loss as well not knowing who to follow when the people your trying to help can turn their backs on you. So yeah Connor had ignorance but that is the question why this certain Assassin seem realistic on how people might be in reality. That's the beauty of gaming companies Ubisoft did an realistic assassin. And it pretty much made me like Connor more he was based on realistic person not a person whose like ah you killed my family? I don't care.

(Really? Really?!)

So for me Connor was pretty much realistic male model I look up to. Knowing that no one isn't perfect on personality and being an gentlemen being kind and polite like I said before Connor is based on realistic etc. Just human like the saying goes.


Now lets talk about other characters we all might see as an Role model. First up Resident Evil series, Clearly right off the bat those role models are Leon Kennedy (don't compare him to the president Kennedy that's something else) Ada Wong, Claire, Jill, and Chris. All of them have their separate personalities but we sure know they have something in common kicking butt of getting rid of zombie viruses friend or foe. Emotions run high all the time with them and how they all deal with victories and losses makes us want to be like them more and more if the zombie apocalypse really exist (it really doesn't stop day dreaming people play Resident Evil to satisfy your fantasy).

Leon clearly cares for everyone's protection heck I bet he will try to save you when your either getting bitten by a zombie or turning into one that's Leon for ya. Chris will do the same fact he tried to save Piers but Piers knew too well he's pretty much gone (I miss ya piers T-T). Claire and Jill as well Ada are the tough girls I seen in Resident Evil series pretty much well known and respected hopefully we see Claire and Jill somewhere in the continuation of the Resident Evil main story. And what the heck is Ada working for plus end the mystery about her I still don't trust her but I give her credit she's awesome (Just a little hmph).


Final Fantasy Series and Assassin's Creed series also have other characters like Yuna, Tidus, Cloud, Tifa, Zack, Ezio, Altair etc. Everyone do favor a lot Final Fantasy 10 and Final Fantasy 7 course its fun game knowing whose the hero whose the helper as well whose the main enemy. There are always twists and turns and I gotta say Yuna pretty much shock me on Final Fantasy 10-2 girl just right off became tough and independent. Cloud well he struggle on who he was and everyone he met help him but as well fought enemies along the name biggest one Sephiroth

But as I seen on Final Fantasy Advent Children Tifa herself is no push over a bit too much sex appeal but she's a tough girl with a punch. Now to Assassin's Creed series Altair is based on a cool and tough assassin course there are people who like him boys and girls. Ezio jeez the dude is praised too much leaving poor Altair behind want proof I give it to ya.


What I tell ya Ezio brainwashed people but on a serious note he saw his brothers and father died in front of him worst of all hanged. Understand his loss but I think what everyone likes out of him his happy go lucky attitude as well flirting with the ladies *sigh* reason why he's my second favorite funny but he's one flirtatious bastardo that I can't really bond with just with his happiness and funny side and the flirting is ridiculous lol. But he sure knows how to kick butt when needed as well to Altair he's pretty much number one on kicking butt and putting the cool factor. Well Assassin's Creed have all different characters and we all accept them (some of us) for how they are and no one else can become Altair, Ezio, or Connor they all are one of a kind.


And lastly DmC series Dante, Vergil, Kat, Trish, and Lady. All of them are different some views stronger than others. Everyone's favorite is the main character himself demon butt kicker Dante reason why he's like a role model. The cool attitude and funny also carefree I mean seriously who doesn't love Dante? Vergil for him being smart but as well one serious threat in battle. Kat, Trish and Lady are tough girls and useful in their own ways bit much sex appeal on Trish and Lady but its Devil May Cry what can't ya expect lol.


Well once again that's the end of the blog everyone I hope you enjoyed your time reading but as well maybe comment on whose your role models. Oh here's a picture of me in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico I enjoyed my time there and visited my aunt's grave as well had laughs with my family :)