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Always Crashing in the Same Car


Eight, nine, ten years ago we were subject to legions of boy/girl band clones, some being younger than others...

And that, for our reference, is where our circle shall begin...

Out of the pile of rotten produce to choose from, we shall take these fellows, which if they look back upon it, they should regret it ten, twenty, or thirty times over (multiples depend on their current choice of sexual identity)

Remember these guys? They once had a contest on FOX Kids (!!!) that if you won, you'd go party with them at a five star hotel or something like that.

This was a long time ago, but if the ending copyright credit is to be believed, Disney has continued on with corrupting childhoods at various stages through the manufacturing of fleeting success in music as an auxiliary to a pre-existing film/TV career. Just turn on the Disney Channel sometime and see what I mean.

This is what your little brothers and sisters are being brought up on, just like what we were brought up on. Clean cut youths singing optimistic songs about whatever. Because we were exposed to such trash, it is now coming all back again. Remember disco? Remember woo ***? Yeah, same idea.

It's enough to make a man want to pass out KISS albums and packs of Marlboro's!

Perhaps I am being too harsh. I mean, maybe someone will define the culture of the upcoming decade! Let's go to YouTube and find out what the young'uns are really digging these days, because YouTube is important and relevant...

Neeeeevermind. Blow it all up. Hopefully future civilizations do not find out about us.