It’s been two weeks since I traded the cold weather of Minneapolis for the slightly less cold weather of Philadelphia. The internship is over. I’ve settled back in my hometown for the time being. I’m looking forward to the (long-lasting) challenge of writing in this industry.

Where better to stay fresh than Game Informer’s home territory, the GI blog?

Being an intern was what you might expect. It was fun. It was challenging. I got to see a whole other side to Game Informer. Writing a magazine does, in fact, take A LOT of work. However, being an intern showed me that writing for a publication was realistic. 

Right before I got to Game Informer, I felt like Charlie walking into The Chocolate Factory. I imagined I would see the magazine in production, but I wouldn’t actually understand how a page got into production. The process (at least as I imagined it) would be so convoluted that it would take me all of my three months there to grasp it. 

The truth was that it only took me a few days. Every editor there had their respective desks where they worked on their respective work. Interviews were turned into stories, which were proofed and revised. The magazine came apart and then back together. It all looked reasonable. I could do this. Writing for a publication WAS realistic. 

Of course, there were days when I witnessed the editors near a deadline, putting together features in hours that would take days for me to write (and not nearly as well). The GI editors certainly know what they’re doing. 

And I feel confident that soon I can know the same. 

On another note...

I picked up a 3DS last month and I’ve enjoyed diving into a lengthy JRPG. Mike’s news piece today on Bravely Default piqued my interest. I hope to offer a variety of cents on the demo and the game very soon. 

I’m playing Fire Emblem: Awakening currently. I don’t want it to end. Any JRPG recommendations? I’m all ears.